Monday, August 31, 2020

Testing, Testing: Dark Wood Tarot

🎵 "If you go out in the woods today..." 🎵

Well, I am heading into the woods. The Dark Wood, to be exact. A new deck from Sasha Graham and Abigail Larson
As always, I'm not checking the companion book. Just winging it. 

At Readers Studio 2019 in New York last year, Sasha Graham gave each of us this large postcard:
I was hooked!

OK, Dark Wood...are you ready?
By all means, let's get going! The wait is nearly killing me. (See, even dark decks have a sense of humour.)

1. Almost all your depictions are of beautiful young women. Some of us who are neither young nor glamorous may find this off-putting. Your thoughts?
As you can see, I am not a beautiful young woman, and while I do enjoy working with them (and let's be frank here...admiring them) they do not always share my world view or opinions or values. Which enables me to catch a glimpse into another mindset, another thought process, the flip side of the coin. And sometimes a different world altogether. 
As I grow older, I expect that the strong young women in this deck will help me keep an open, youthful perspective. 

2. The artist has chosen a somewhat limited colour scheme for this deck. How do you like it?
If you take a spin through our images, we think you'll find that when brighter colours are used somewhat sparingly, their appearance really stands out. Perhaps that's a spot on the card that is meant to be a focal point? Or maybe it will jumpstart your intuition or remind you of something?
Or could it be a deliberate distraction that asks for more concentration on the rest of the card? A little trick of the dark? 

3. In this time of COVID, the whole world seems to be in somewhat of a dark place...a Dark Wood, if you will. How do you think you can help?
We are going to need ideas - lots of them - to get through this time, and all times, of trial and peril.
Our ideas might spring from a darker, deeper, less obvious place than those of a more jolly deck. 
Perhaps, because they hail from the dark, they will be unusual. Not the more common chin-up, smile, tomorrow's-another-day, everything-will-be-fine sort of platitudes. Which have their uses.
Just not here.

4. Why do you feel many people are so resistant to even acknowledging that they have a Shadow, let alone looking into it and working with it?
Let's face one wants to be upended, suspended, hung out to dry. All the blood rushes to one's head and it's damned uncomfortable. Looking into our own shadow side is a bit like cleaning out a damp and mouldy basement cupboard. Of course you don't want to do it. And you're afraid of what might jump out at you, or crawl over you. 
And yet...
So much good can come from a time of looking into what's buried, into what lives beneath us while we stomp around, oblivious, in our daily lives. 
Once you get started, acknowledge that you won't love everything you'll find (and may positively despise some of it) and pitch in, it's not so bad. 

5. Tell me what you feel is your genius. 
The element of surprise. Bet you didn't expect to find a card like this in here, did you?
This one shows us the bit of dark in an otherwise sweet picture. And that's what the dark is all about, really. The bit of sad/bad/mad that coexists alongside the sunny/funny/honey part of us.

Thank you, Dark Wood Tarot! 

🌘 🌲  🌳  🌲 🌳 🌲 🌳 🌲 🌳 🌲 🌒