Monday, July 13, 2020

Too Many Decks?

Just how many decks is too many, anyway?
For some, it might be two.
Others would begin feeling overwhelmed when they hit ten decks.
Many collections house around fifty.
And mine? Well...see for yourself. This was taken in June 2018, so there are now two more years' worth of deck acquisitions on these shelves!

Needless to say, it's a challenge getting 'round to 250+ decks and giving each some attention! Don't want them to get cranky waiting around for their turns, so at the moment I'm working with 5 of them at once.

These are the prompts I'm currently using for 6 cards, and some of the results are below.
If...and If...  Then...and Then...  So...and So...

The rules?
No overthinking allowed, no musing or mulling, no changing your mind, just GO!

Sorry about the wonky pictures! Both Blogger and the photo program on my computer have made changes (without my permission!). That's my excuse.

The Moon...IF you blend the qualities of sunlight and moonlight
2 of Swords...and IF you weigh out their differences
The Wheel...THEN your turn at the top of the wheel will come

10 of Swords...and THEN you'll be fortified for any trauma to come
The Judgment...SO accept the judgment of others
Knight of Cups...SO you'll be ready for the arrival of love.

Knight of Cups...IF you spend too much time star-gazing
Two of Wands...and IF you decide to head toward danger
Ace of Wands...THEN you might be in for a heated time

King of Wands...and THEN you might run into some scary types
The Magician...SO plan first
Ten of Cups...SO you may live to tell the tale to your friends!

King of Rods...IF you think about it
Page of Discs...and IF you see its beauty
Ten of Discs...THEN others will join you

Knight of Cups...and THEN an offer may come
The Hierophant...SO go ahead, with blessings from above
The Empress...SO the nourishment can begin.

Three of Cups...IF you appreciate the natural world
Five of Pentacles...and IF you keep on trying
Nine of Pentacles...THEN some measure of success will follow

Queen of Pentacles...and THEN your wisdom will grow
Seven of Pentacles...SO harvest before it's too late
Devil...SO when the trial time comes, you'll be ready.

King of Rods...IF you are forthright in your dealings
Page of Rods...and IF you remember what it was like to be young
The World...THEN the world will seem a kinder place

The Chariot...and THEN headway may finally begin
Ace of Swords...SO think, and be sharp
8 of Coins...SO that what you build will last.

No way would I actually read the cards for someone in this blunt and blurt-y fashion. 
But it's doing two things for me:
Allowing glimpses into a lot of decks in a short amount of time
Honing my think-fast-don't-hesitate-just-say-it skills.

And bonus! All this artwork flying by!