Monday, March 23, 2020

Edge Day

It's been a while since I've been here. Seven months and 20 days, to be exact. But a card turned up that flicked on the light bulb. You know, the aha bulb.
Here it is:
Everyday Witch Tarot

It happened to arrive on what I now call my 'edge day'. The day at the cusp - when all the days stretching before were absolutely regular, and then, suddenly, those on the road ahead weren't. The Coronavirus was re-shaping our days. But you already know that.

This sweet card happened to arrive on the very day when people were setting their creative brains to work on the issue of physical isolation. And, just as it looks on this card, ideas were flying around about how to help: concerts being broadcast live, free of charge; people posting art ideas to keep marooned kids happy; neighbourhood groups were taping artwork in their windows for walkers-by to enjoy; businesses were offering free delivery from books to groceries. Everyone was pitching in. Ideas were swirling around, connections were being made. It was beautiful!

My current tarot project practice activity is to pull one card from the Everyday Witch, and bring out the same card from 4 other newish decks that I'd like to become familiar with.
They are:
The Cat Tarot
Forest of Enchantment Tarot
Light Seer's Tarot
Stolen Child Tarot (trimmed)

Then I play!
Here they are, arranged by colour (sort of)

Arranged by the way the figures are facing

Most straightforward to read, all the way to what on earth do you mean, Cat?

If I'm stumped, or just want to read the artist's own words, I check the book. Maybe jot down a new thought from one of them.
Sometimes cards want to lay out from most serious to least serious. Or by the intensity of their expressions. Or by least scary to most scary. Or most jolly to least jolly.

It's fun, it keeps my tarot work rolling, and the visuals are gorgeous!

Bye for now. I wish you well with your cocooning in these unusual days.