Saturday, August 03, 2019

Testing, Testing: Crow Tarot

I like sassy birds. Loud squawky birds. Seagulls, crows, feisty little sparrows.
That doesn't mean that I don't love the sweet songbirds, or the long-legged water-standers like herons and egrets, or soaring birds of prey, or brilliant parrots. Or ducks and geese. Or loons! And mourning doves. Love love love them. And all the other wonder-birds that grace the world.
But there's just something about the loud crabby grabby ones that makes me smile.

Crows. Soooo smart. I didn't realize just how smart until I read a book called Bird Brains, by Candace Savage.
The colour black. One of the first outfits I made for myself as a young teen was a black corduroy jumper. Then at University, black Crimplene bell-bottoms and vest (yes, I go way back!) that were practically my uniform for a couple of years. 

So it's no surprise that the Crow Tarot was on my must-have list from the moment I heard of it. And I grabbed a copy from Tarot Garden's table at Readers Studio last April before they'd even finished unpacking all the rest of their wares.

OK, Crows, gather 'round, please. I've got questions, and I know you've got answers! 

1. I'm predisposed to love your deck, because I love crows. Will this hamper my reading or my impartiality because I'm all ga-ga over you guys? 
VIII of Cups
Gah, woman! If you think we brilliants over here in Crowland would put together a deck
that would allow that, you are sorely mistaken. Put that notion right out of your head;
with it you tempt me to flee and leave all my good works behind, untended and unexplained. 

2. What if someone who doesn't like big loud maybe-scary black birds tries to read with your deck?
Will you still talk to them? Will they be able to hear you?
IX The Hermit
We say this: "Come, fearful one; let us walk together in the quiet of a snowy night and share our thoughts. I shall bring my lamp to light our way among our protectors and friends, the Trees."

3. Your deck is, like all others, just some colourful pieces of card stock. Is crow wisdom powerful enough to cut through the ink and laminate?
King of Swords
Can we cut through? Do you jest?
I, the King of Cutting Through, am here to tell you that our wisdom, although ancient, is cutting edge and current. We are among Earth's great innovators. We invent, we improvise. We communicate. 

4. We humans tend to think of you as raucous and yes, even pesty (I'm thinking of farmers and their Scarecrows here). Is this a deck that shouts at us, or do you have a softer side?
Ace of Pentacles
Yes, of course we do. How else could we build and maintain our strong communities?
We choose our partners wisely, build secure homes, nurture our young ones, teach them the ways of adulthood, and send them out when they are well-prepared. Can you humans truthfully say the same?

Point taken.

5. Last words to you, Crows. What would you like to say to us as we embark on our work with your deck?
Ace of Cups
We extend a welcome to all, to share in the cup of our communal wisdom.
It overfloweth with ancient knowledge and adaptations for today's world. 
Come sip from the Cup of the Loud Ones!

Thank you, Crows! I look forward to hearing more of your bright voices in my neighbourhood.