Saturday, November 24, 2018

Last shuffle story for November, five decks

The next best thing to actually participating in NaNoWriMo (for me) is these short stories freely imagined from five cards. And there's no onerous daily quota of 1,667 words!
This week's decks are: my newest acquisition, plus four packs from the WXYZ section of the tarot shelves.

Once upon a time there lived a great and powerful Queen who held a sad secret memory. She put forth, for the ninth and final time, this challenge to all those in her queendom:
"The first person to complete this task will receive two gifts: one offspring of my royal dog, Rosebud, and a sheaf of magical flowers plucked from the royal garden." 
Witches Tarot (Dugan)

All manner of bold, fiercely competitive, strong, supremely arrogant, egotistical, confident knights, financial wizards, learned professors, doctors, metalsmiths, and lawmen flocked to the Queen's great hall. Each was confident that he was the ideal person to successfully complete the quest and earn the Queen's gratitude.
Wheel of the Year Tarot

The brave competitors struggled up snowy mountains and trekked down into great valleys, crossing vast continents and dark fathomless oceans, throughout all the seasons. But not one of them succeeded in bringing the Queen what she sought. 
Wheel of Change Tarot

And soon, all became despondent, and wallowed in the misery of their failures. They despaired and lay about, idle and indolent. A few returned to tell the Queen of their futile travels, but most were never seen or heard from again.
Zillich Tarot

Many months later, when the Queen's royal dog, Rosebud, gambolled in the gardens with her brood of fine fat frisky puppies, a tiny child was ushered into the Queen's receiving chamber. The child, Lilith, with her shy sweet ways and small unassuming manner, had done what no others could; she won from the Great Troll in the West the Queen's precious ruby hairpin, the last gift from her beloved parents when she was but a child herself, and lost these many years.
John Bauer Tarot
So Lilith and her puppy brought the bouquet of magical palace flowers to her old grandmother, and they all lived happily ever after.