Saturday, November 24, 2018

Last shuffle story for November, five decks

The next best thing to actually participating in NaNoWriMo (for me) is these short stories freely imagined from five cards. And there's no onerous daily quota of 1,667 words!
This week's decks are: my newest acquisition, plus four packs from the WXYZ section of the tarot shelves.

Once upon a time there lived a great and powerful Queen who held a sad secret memory. She put forth, for the ninth and final time, this challenge to all those in her queendom:
"The first person to complete this task will receive two gifts: one offspring of my royal dog, Rosebud, and a sheaf of magical flowers plucked from the royal garden." 
Witches Tarot (Dugan)

All manner of bold, fiercely competitive, strong, supremely arrogant, egotistical, confident knights, financial wizards, learned professors, doctors, metalsmiths, and lawmen flocked to the Queen's great hall. Each was confident that he was the ideal person to successfully complete the quest and earn the Queen's gratitude.
Wheel of the Year Tarot

The brave competitors struggled up snowy mountains and trekked down into great valleys, crossing vast continents and dark fathomless oceans, throughout all the seasons. But not one of them succeeded in bringing the Queen what she sought. 
Wheel of Change Tarot

And soon, all became despondent, and wallowed in the misery of their failures. They despaired and lay about, idle and indolent. A few returned to tell the Queen of their futile travels, but most were never seen or heard from again.
Zillich Tarot

Many months later, when the Queen's royal dog, Rosebud, gambolled in the gardens with her brood of fine fat frisky puppies, a tiny child was ushered into the Queen's receiving chamber. The child, Lilith, with her shy sweet ways and small unassuming manner, had done what no others could; she won from the Great Troll in the West the Queen's precious ruby hairpin, the last gift from her beloved parents when she was but a child herself, and lost these many years.
John Bauer Tarot
So Lilith and her puppy brought the bouquet of magical palace flowers to her old grandmother, and they all lived happily ever after. 


Sunday, November 18, 2018

A November shuffling story

November feels like a story-telling kind of month - colder and greyer outside, cozier and snugglier inside.
Here's one more post about the excitement of doing NaNoWriMo.

Today's little tarot-inspired tale comes from five different November-y decks, one card from each.

Once upon a time, in a friendly village far far away, there lived a courting couple. All the townsfolk loved this young woman and her young man, for they were kind and friendly and seemed well-suited.
One day, the young man, Martin, arrived bearing a beautifully wrapped gift. He could hardly wait for his intended to open it!
Tarot of the 78 Doors

"The box is warm," Gemma exclaimed. "Is it a puppy?"
Warm? How puzzling. "No, it's not a puppy." Martin smiled as she carefully set the extravagant bow on a table and tipped the box's lid.
"Oh, it's wondrous! However did you manage it?" For the lantern inside the box was already lit. Lifting it by its wire handle, Gemma peered into the flame, then stiffened. "It frightens me, Martin," she said. "It's pulling me in and I don't want to go."
Something otherworldly is at work here, thought Martin, for of course he had not struck a match to the wick before carefully placing the lantern into the box. Fear slithered across his shoulders.
The Raven's Prophecy Tarot

He reached for Gemma but too late; she had slipped into a trance staring into the flame. The hoarse voice as she spoke was not that of his beloved. It seemed to come from a great distance; he didn't understand.
"Come with us, Earth Girl, onto the path of the Sun. We ourselves cannot help her, but we will walk with you until you find her. Fear not; no harm will befall you if you do as we ask. Come; there is little time."
Ghosts and Spirits Tarot

Gemma's voice changed again. "My son, my beloved first-born, my darling boy. Daily I weep tears of stone." She was a woman now, older, and so sad. "Will we ever be released from this curse? I alone am to blame; the spirits of the forest would never have taken you had I listened to them."  The voice left off, Martin heard a broken inhale, then it continued. "Oh my son, please forgive me. I was too proud, too hard, too unloving."
Sacred Sites Tarot

The flame flared, and the image of a beautiful young stag appeared. It burst from the lantern and bounded away in a wash of light.
The Wild Unknown Tarot

And thus ends another November mini-tale. I wish for you contented cocooning, beautiful books, and of course, mugs of steaming tea.

In neighbourhood news...

We recently were treated to seven days of movie-going when WIFF once again came to town. There were 143 films to choose from during this year's Windsor International Film Fest. Oh, the stories!


Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Some days all I want to do is shuffle...

The slip-slide, the brush and swish, the flap-snap, the ruffle of shuffling cards - I love those sounds! Although when I shuffle, everything is much slower and less captivating than the work of experts who riffle shuffle swiftly in their hands. 

So shuffle is what I did today, with no particular goal is mind. Here's the little story that appeared when the cards were laid side by side.

Victorian Romantic 3rd edition 2018

The King has flung himself into the sea in despair.
Kingship is too great a responsibility, too daunting a task. He cannot continue; it's just too heavy a burden for him to carry.

The watery spirit of his beloved sister comes to him as he lies in the seafoam. 
"My dearest brother, you ARE the spirit of what it means to be a king; you embody it. I beg you not to give up. Your world still needs you."

He heeds the pleas of his dead sister's spirit
and hauls himself back to life,
to the responsibilities of his office.
Although pale and subdued, he appears determined
to uphold the mantle of kingship (at least for now).

Bohemian Gothic 3rd edition 2013

The King's Page, a rather new addition to the Court, checks back at her employer to see how he's managing after his recent collapse. 
Although she is young and lacks Court experience, the Page is calm in a crisis, resourceful, and savvy. She is just the person to handle this public relations nightmare.

All Hallows Tarot

Having satisfied herself that her Monarch is alright, the Page can now focus on her task at hand,
which is to...

Fantastic Menagerie

...squash all the ugly rumours crawling about concerning
the recent unexplained and much talked-about absence
of the King from the throne.
I heard that he's dying of some terrible disease.
Has he gone crazy? Off his rocker? He's bonkers.
Someone saw him drooling and laughing like a maniac.
My brother-in-law's boss, whose neighbour works in the kitchens at the palace, heard it from one of the gardeners that the King killed someone and they're trying to cover it up.
There's insanity in his family, don't you know; his great-great-great-great grandmother was a witch.

The Page has her work cut out for her. 

Three years ago, I participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and LOVED IT! But taking a whole month to do almost nothing else but write 50,000 words (that's 1,667 words every day, for a total of 200 pages) isn't always possible. I guess this is my 2018 substitute!

Who says that shuffling decks is a waste of time?