Sunday, September 16, 2018

A box for a trimmed and edged Llewellyn Tarot

My Llewellyn deck has been cropped (including the card titles) and edged with gold Sharpie. It was my first edging project, and probably could have another coat to make it more evenly coloured. Although I like the antique-y weathered look; it suits the era of ancient Wales where this deck is based.

Before cropping...

After cropping... (I numbered the Majors in the bottom left corner - some were a bit ambiguous)
I love how the images can speak to each other now without the impediment of the wide borders; the cards are a bit squarer than standard decks and fit beautifully in my hand at 2.56" x 3.5".

The video instructions I followed: DIY Tarot Boxes
(It's the same link as in my previous post about making boxes.)

The box:
Some tiny dishes from IKEA came in it. Thinner than book board but heavier than a cereal box. It's quite a small deck so thinner card is fine; it doesn't wobble or squish in when being handled.

The cover papers:
Both from Michael's, scrapbooking aisle

The title:
I photocopied it from the companion book and glued it on.

The round seal:
Photocopied the back of a card, cut out the seal and glued it into the lid.


Next time, pictures throughout the process. Which deck needs a new home? Hm...