Sunday, April 29, 2018

Pity Party with the Borderless Deviant Moon

I'm sad that my long-awaited trip to India is over. But that's not it.
This disgusting cough and sore throat have been hanging around for more than two weeks, and it's enough to get a person down! But that's not it.
Has Spring overlooked us here in cold rainy southern Ontario? Yes, and I'm fed up with it! But that's not it either.
You give up? OK, here it is.

Fantastic excitement has been building for the Readers Studio in New York City this weekend. Facebook posts are flying: flights taking off from all over North America and UK and China, vendors are packed up and on the road, banquet menu choices have been ticked off, pix from the new hotel venue are appearing, folks are talking up their study groups. Wonderful! Oh the anticipation...
And I'm not going to be there. For the first time since 2012.

Yes, it's a good decision; a month-long trip to wondrous India was expensive, and I'm so glad I did it.
But now...I'm dejected, and feeling left out, and thinking about all I'll miss, and all the people I won't see and hear. Definitely in the throes of a massive feeling-sorry-for-myself binge.

I need a deck to cheer me up, or distract me, or at least knock some sense into me.
The Deviant Moon will be a good distraction. I love it but am clueless at divining what it might be saying. All those extra arms and boobs and peculiar eyes. If I have absolutely NO IDEA what to think, I can turn to Patrick Valenza's magnificent companion book, signed by him last year at RS17. It weighed as much as the rest of my luggage combined!

OK, Deviant Moon. What've ya got?

I see that you've chosen the borderless Deviant Moon - good choice. May our creativity know no bounds! We hope you like the cards we've selected for you, Teawoman.

They're beautiful; thank you! Shall we take them one by one?
By all means!

Well, this is all about money, or the lack thereof, so Pents makes perfect sense.
Dragons hoard their loot, so if I start saving now, at the Ace, by the time the 10 of Pents rolls around I'll have enough to get myself to New York next year. Flying on a Delta Airlines dragon!

Justice is holding a fish. Like the salmon dinner I'm not having tonight at the RS banquet.
The key ring: the key to feeling better fairness.
If Justice is fairness, then I guess it is only fair that others get to partake of this fabulous conference while I sit out a year. It sold out months ago, and many didn't get in. My wish for the dozens of first-timers is a weekend they'll cherish forever.

What about that lizard underfoot, and the strange limb holding a rotting fish?
Must go to Patrick's book for this one.
"Despite his tireless efforts to keep society balanced, discrimination and corruption will always exist. Such iniquities slither out from underneath the Judge's robe in the form of hideous creatures. In response, the Judge's claw-like foot emerges from the seams clutching a rotted fish...even if he must balance on one foot in order to do it."

The other thing that came to mind when this card showed up was this post yesterday by Karen Mahony of Baba Studios. She wrote:
"That awful moment when you realise that all along you've been doing tarot reading completely wrong. Where is my giant under-table lizard?!"

This is a disaster! A calamity! The big eye-in-the-sky (or spacecraft?) has beamed its destructive light and deemed this to be my fate!
But I'm not alone in this; others are shaken up too. And who knows? As the companion books says:
"As painful as it may seem, you must realize that this upheaval will ultimately be in your best interest."
Best interest? I'll await enlightenment on this one.

Yup, this is what I'm missing, alright: devilishly fine performances on stage, played to an enthusiastic audience. Non-stop entertainment.
Six of Cups brings with it an element of nostalgia, fondly remembering past times...
Will reviewing memories of past conferences bring smiles? A resounding YES! Six of Cups, you've done your job!

What the heck is going on here? Three creatures all performing some bizarre and perhaps painful procedure on each other.
How does this connect up to what I'm missing in NY city this weekend?
People of different backgrounds and experience reading for each other, working together on each others' problems; sometimes this digging around can be painful. I'm missing that intensity, the collaborations, the serious work, scratching the surface, picking each other's brains. Three heads are better than one.

This Page has an extra-long lens in one eye: he's looking to the future, planning ahead, already making a move in the direction he wants to go . He's focused on... Readers Studio 2019!


In neighbourhood news

Saturday April 28 was Indie Bookstore Day. It promised writers, giveaways, snacks. So I went, of course! 
When I arrived there were three poets and one publisher of handmade books chatting with each other, and I was the only customer. So they invited me to sit in a comfy chair, and all four of them read for me! I felt so privileged - still smiling from that beautiful experience. And the banana bread was good too!