Monday, April 02, 2018

Is there a "forgiveness card" in the Tarot

Why am I asking this now? Because of a book.

BOOKS are the inspiration this week. Specifically, those championed on Canada Reads this past week.

There are so many things that I just love about Canada Reads week on CBC radio and television.
  • Six people seated at a round table. Beside each of them is a tantalizing stack of the above five books, the finalists in 2018's Canada Reads.This year's theme: the book to open your eyes.
  • Not one of the panelists defending the books is a noted literary figure. This year's group included a storm chaser, sci-fi actor, two singer/songwriters, and a fashion expert.
  • The debate is passionate, sometimes stormy, eloquent, and always interesting. (Click on the link above and listen in or watch one of the four episodes, and you'll hear what I mean.)
  • Four days in a row, four shows devoted just to books and why we should read these particular ones. Makes me smile just thinking about it!
One title is voted out (after much agonizing) by the five defenders each day, until by Thursday at noon we have a winner. This year it is Forgiveness, by Mark Sakamoto, the true story of his grandparents. His Scottish-Canadian maternal grandfather was captured and imprisoned as a prisoner of war in Japan during the Second World War — all while his paternal grandmother and her Japanese-Canadian family were interned by their own government here in Alberta.

Is there a tarot card specifically about forgiveness? I don't think so.
I went through my very first deck, the Sharman-Caselli, looking for this card, and didn't find it. But there were others that might require an element of forgiveness if one was to move on from that card's message or lesson.
Here are the five I chose, illustrated by the Sharman-Caselli and the Victorian Romantic 2006 edition.

Implying forgiveness from an external source - Judgement

Implying that forgiveness of oneself or another might be necessary to get past the challenge in the card

1. The Devil
What needs forgiveness (addiction, dependency, weakness) before progress can commence?
What Devil in you or another needs to be forgiven for trying to ensnare you?

2. Eight of Cups
Is forgiveness an element in leaving a situation when the time has come?

3. Three of Swords
The poisonous Swords of the injury must be drawn out before the wound can begin to close up.
Forgiveness before healing.

5. Five of Swords
Forgive the bullies of this world and move on.
Or forgive yourself, if you're the one doing the bullying, and try to move forward with more kindness.


In neighbourhood news

When your six-year-old granddaughter requests a slumber party, you grab the chance while she still thinks you're worth visiting!

Me: What's the difference between a slumber party and a sleepover?
Emily: Gramma, it's PARTY!

Which involves a pillow fight, eating candy, makeovers (nail polish and lip gloss), eating ice cream, playing, reading stories, a warm shower, brushing each other's hair, supper, a movie, and oh yeah...sleeping!

Here's the Slumber Party Plans list, duly checked off as we went.