Saturday, February 17, 2018

Preparing to continue...

Soon I'll be adding to the Energy Extensions series about the joy of using multiple decks. In the meantime, here's Energy Extensions, part 1. Enjoy!

The pics are from a recent visit to Toronto, Ontario. They're here just for fun, and none of them are blurry in real life - that's all me!

Eaton Centre, Toronto, Ontario

Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, Ontario

Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, Ontario

Modest doors conceal the wonders within at Wonder Pens, Toronto

Extensions Part 5
There. Now we're caught up and ready to continue...after my Indian adventure!

One-lashed mannequins on Yonge Street

'Bye for now!

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

An Indian send-off from five decks

Ever since reading Jon and Rumer Godden's Two Under the Indian Sun many years ago, about sisters who were British but grew up in India, I've been drawn to that country. Entranced, even.

Now the time is almost here for me to experience those colours, tastes, and sounds in person (yikes!). 

Five India-related decks have ventured off the shelves today to offer some travel perspectives and welcome me to their country.

There will be many new things to see and think about. A bombardment on your mind and senses.
Manage your energy wisely.

I don't know much about Lenormand, so this is a mix of instinct and tarot-mind.
Oh the beauty of the same sky and yet different from my skies.
The peace of a starry night, and the allure of new horizons.

Life and lore in India is unique, singular.
Some will not be to your liking at first, or perhaps ever.
Persevere. Travel here is well worth the effort.

An adventure awaits! Participate in what you find there!
I know you'll love the music. 

This is the sacred River Ganges that flows through the heart of India.
Let its waters temper your extremes and soothe your traveller's mind and soul.

Thank you for your offerings, Decks.
I'm thrilled to be visiting your side of the globe.