Sunday, May 21, 2017

Cropping decks: you win some, you lose some

Some decks are just crying out to be released from their useless borders. Take the Thoth, for instance.
Almost a 1/2 inch of grey-striped edges serving no purpose whatsoever except to annoy me and separate the cards from each other. (I'm sorry that I have no 'before' pictures to show you; the sheer joy of grabbing the shears took over...See the link above for their virgin uncut images.

When the Thoth was freed from its bonds, oh how the glorious colours revelled in their elbow room.
Am I pleased with the trimmed version? A RESOUNDING YES!

The Gaian Tarot, however, is a sheep of a different border, to continue with the shearing idea.
The art itself extends slightly, ever-so-artistically, unpredictably, into the white borders on all but a handful of the cards. They reach for each other across their borders.

So why would I even CONSIDER trimming this deck? 
Because I have two copies of it: Joanna's self-published artist's edition, and the mass-market version put out by Llewellyn a few years ago (now out of print, but taken up by Schiffer). So no big deal if I wreck up a mass market deck when I still have the original one, right? We'll see.

Was this a good call? Probably not. Are the cards happier borderless? They're not talking. Do their landscapes gain by being butted up against each other? Not sure.
Am I pleased with the trimmed version? A RESOUNDING...silence.

Lesson learned. Until the next time Edward Scissorhands comes to visit.