Sunday, November 13, 2016

Two of Pentacles speaks to the US election results

Well, we all know what happened last Monday. Whether we're jeering or rejoicing, thrilled or terrified, the fact remains that the same people are still living on the same patch of ground that they were before voting on November 8, 2016.

Which means that there's a WHOLE LOT of divisiveness and derision and disagreement still at work on this side of the world (yes, this all spilled itself up into Canada too). Did we know HOW MUCH one half disagreed with the other? I don't think so.
But now we do. Much ugliness has surfaced and it can't be stuffed back into its hidey-hole.

Isn't it perfect that one of the Twos came up this week? Yes, it stands for teamwork and other good stuff. But it also brings in the polar opposites. Either/or. Night and day. Us versus them. Black and white.   

Our job?
To try really hard to find some sort of balance between these disparate points of view, and with each other. Like we find in the Two of Pentacles.

Pentacles, in conjunction with their element, Earth, involve our material lives. Money, jobs, security, health and health care. Definitely some key factors in the switch at the White House. And I suspect that some larger emotional issues, unspoken and perhaps even unacknowledged because they're buried so deep and are politically so unacceptable, reared up in this election.
Feelings about women and non-whites.

The giant strides we thought we'd made
Toward equal love for race and gender
Were, it seems, not big enough.                                              Tolerance runs, not deep, but thin as skin.
Service from the lips but not the heart.

I have 23 Twos of Pents on my tarot table this week. They appear also as Stones, Pumpkins, Crows, Discs, Vesicas, Sacred Circles, and Knowledge. Many show the expected image of a person juggling two discs within an infinity sign or lemniscate. 
And some stood out as cards that might take me through this challenging time of shifting alliances and wary friendships. I'm struggling with two such relationships in the aftermath of this election, and am shaken to my core. I'm sorely tempted to write off these two long-time friends, but I'm fighting it. Are they as disappointed in me, I wonder?

It IS tempting to throw down the gauntlet and duke it out. It IS a challenge. Especially since it feels like we are two entirely different species.
Wildwood Tarot (cropped), Ancestral Path Tarot (cropped)

Be wary of mischief-makers who will speak just to stir things up. Many lives have been lost in wars fought over small incidents which spun out of control into unspeakable horrors. This is even more poignant, coming as it does during the week of Remembrance Day here in Canada. when we honour our veterans and war dead.
Celtic Tarot, Ghosts and Spirits Tarot

So what are we to do? Talk to each other. Keep a dialogue going. Discuss without ranting. Hard stuff.
Celtic Wisdom Tarot

What else?
Come out of the safe caves of our own deeply held beliefs, be curious about the the 'others'. Come down from our lofty heights, and meet somewhere in the middle. Find some common ground.
Fairy Lights Tarot (sides trimmed), Celtic Dragon Tarot

Help to build something new, like the crow with her twigs. Plant new seeds; sow some harmony.
Badgers Forest Tarot, Tarot of the Hidden Realm

We're all in this together, and like it or not, we're stuck with each other!
The Tarot of Trees

This week's world commentary was brought to you by the Two of Pentacles.

And by Remembrance Day.
Lest we forget.

For more about Remembrance Day, see this post from November, 2014.