Sunday, July 31, 2016

Tarot Outreach with the Tarot Nova

A friend has been puzzled for some time now about how any intelligent, rational person could be interested in that scary, absurd tarot thing. If the conversation ever came 'round to why I was travelling to New York every April, for instance, he would get THAT LOOK. You all know what I mean. Equal parts suspicion and incredulity. But, being of lively mind, he also expressed curiosity, and we agreed to meet so I could explain.

I, on my white horse, saddle bag packed with maybe a dozen tarot decks, rode over to his house yesterday. He would be so enlightened by my wise and thoughtful explanations that everything would become crystal clear, and he would say "Aha, I understand! Of course!"

Not only was he not swayed by my enthusiasm, he remained perplexed. In fact, he's probably more confused than ever, and still questions my sanity. Damn! Not a teaching success.

BUT...what a learning experience for me! 
His original question, "Why do you like the cards?", was never really answered. I was too busy trying to show him how useful they could be, how brilliantly I work with them, to pay enough attention! Duh. If tarot is about anything, it's about listening intently. I tricked myself; my ego got in the way!

Here's what I should have told him:
I like learning something new.
                  I like art (hence all the decks).
                           I like working within a system, a framework, and experimenting with it. 
I like creative opportunities. 
                                    I like writing about them.

Oh well, better luck next time! (And leave your horse at home.)

(All images from the Tarot Nova)