Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pulling My Faves Part 3 - The Magician

Next up for perusal: The Magician in my Deck of Faves.
Two cards come immediately to mind when I forage around through the images stored up there.

The Gaian for its sheer joy! It pulls me right into it, relaxing me if I'm tense, conjuring (ha!) fires on the beach and the freedom of a drumming circle.

From the Druidcraft. I believe his air of authority. I trust in his power.
And I like the rooster. (I trust he's not planning on sacrificing it.)

Another drummer by a nighttime fire: the Sun and Moon.
I like the whimsy, the monkey(?) on the beach, and the astrological image that he/she seems to be pointing out to us.

Completely non-traditional, from the Chrysalis Tarot.
I LOVE the smartness (and smarty-pants-ness) of crows and ravens! And I've been reading recently about the intelligence of trees.

The often oddball Bruegel Tarot.
Here we have an alchemist with his little pet dragon admonishing him about something.
You've forgotten my lunch again, you absent-minded old coot!

From the Fantastic Menagerie - I like this one because we get a tricky sleight-of-hand version of the Magician. A bit of the untrustworthy charlatan element.

The Inner Child's Magician needs some human help. If no one rubs the lamp, he's stuck. His magic stays bottled up. 

None of the other inhabitants of the Victorian Fairy Tarot look like this Magician. He stands alone. I like the whirling bits from each of the seasons circling about him in a tangible wheel of the year.

No flashy showman here in the Victorian Romantic (2006 edition). He bears the weight of his office.

Tenth and last. The number 10 reduces to 1, the number of the Magician.
I know something you don't know...