Sunday, November 08, 2015

NaNoWriMo: it's in the cards!

For the first time ever, I'm registered for National Novel Writing Month. And I'm so excited!

There is an idea that I've been wanting to try for a long time, and NaNoWriMo seemed the perfect vehicle to drive it. The perfect rack to hang it on. The perfect framework get the idea.

Corrine Kenner has written an interesting book, Tarot for Writers, which explores not only using tarot cards as character and plot prompts, but also contains a treasury of writing how-to's, some of which were new to me, others vaguely remembered from high school English classes. It made a great jumping-off point.

When one owns as many tarot and oracle decks as I do, and has a tantalizing stack of Caitlin and John Matthews' StoryWorld cards just languishing on the shelves, waiting to be put to work, choosing THE one-and-only deck to help with a novel's characters and travels is...well, silly, really. Not to mention impossible.

My protagonist just jumped into my head one day. She is someone who will relish some interesting times. Who can handle a challenge and love it. She's the Ace of Rods, from the AnnaK, and has just the chutzpah I need. I named her Sophie. But other than knowing this one thing, I didn't pre-plan anything, because I wanted this to be an adventure for me, as well as for Sophie.

So on Halloween night, the eve before which I was to begin this adventure, I roamed around the house choosing decks that seemed right. (They're all listed below, don't worry!)

Sunday, November 1st arrives! I can finally begin!
For the tarot decks, I shuffled and chose the top card. With the oracle decks, I looked through and picked the very first one that clicked. No thinking allowed, no second guessing.
Then on to the big beautiful StoryWorld cards. I have eight sets and chose two of them for this first round. And once again selected the very first one that grabbed my innards.

Drum roll, please! The Cast and Crew, round 1!

As of this writing, at 12,285 words, all the people and landscapes above are a part of the story.
Next challenge: how to fit in these remaining three cards. 
I'll find out tomorrow!

Decks featured above, beginning with the Ancestors, L to R, top to bottom.
1. The Halloween Oracle
2. Earth Magic Oracle Cards
3. All Hallows Tarot
4. Dark Goddess Tarot
5. Tea Leaf Fortune Cards (round)
6. StoryWorld: Tales from the Haunted House
7. Wild KuanYin Oracle
8. AnnaK Tarot (Ace of Cups,  this deck is trimmed)
9. Gaian Tarot
10. The Halloween Tarot
11. StoryWorld, basic set
12. The Raven's Prophecy Tarot

And then it's on to the Cast and Crew, round 2.
This is such a blast!