Sunday, November 22, 2015

Changing times and brushing teeth

In the Dark Ages, when I was little, 
and learning to brush my teeth, the routine went something like this.

Turn on the tap
     Pull toothbrush from holder and begin the process
          Hang up toothbrush
Turn off the tap

The water ran at a robust rate for 2-3 minutes (possibly more, if things weren't going smoothly).
Did anyone consider how much clean water was being used? Nope. No one gave it a thought.
Water was like air - abundant, clean, everpresent.

This is Emily, my granddaughter

Emily and I had two sleepovers last weekend, while her Mom and Dad were busy birthing and bringing home a new baby brother. I was struck by the difference in Emily's toothbrushing routine.

Turn on tap just a bit, to wet brush
     Put toothpaste onto brush
Turn off tap and continue
Turn on tap to rinse off toothbrush
     Rinse out mouth, but not too much because the toothpaste tastes like bubblegum
Turn off tap

Water running lightly for perhaps 30 seconds in all. Does this upcoming generation think about water as a precious resource? Definitely!

The times they are a-changin'!
The Fey Tarot

I hope all your playdates are fun, and none of your bubblegum sticks to your face.