Sunday, July 12, 2015

The spread that's in charge

I'm working on a spread that tells ME what we're going to talk about, not the other way 'round.
That wasn't my intention when we began, but the spread had other ideas.
It's in the testing phase ~ so far I've tried it out with seven different decks.
SiameseAnnaK, Sidhe,
Victorian FairyDruidcraft,
         Shining TribeTarot Nova

Sometimes its direction is clear with the very first card, and I know immediately where we're going.
Other times it takes two or three cards before I get the drift. 
We don't actually have these in Canada, but I needed the title.

This last time...deck number 8...Vision Quest.
Well, I looked at all 13 cards for a day or so, and the overall gist coming from the central card seemed wondrously exciting and clear. Less so the surrounding "how to" cards. I bundled them up in an elastic and set them aside. A few days later I laid them out again but still nothing was coming clear.

This is a new deck to me (thank you, enabler James Wells!) and some of its images are off the beaten track. I tried again today with a fresh mug of wake up, lady! Ceylon tea and a vase of wild white roses on the table. Perhaps I'll get a hint from the substantial little white book; it's worth a try.

WHOA! I'm on to something here. I take some notes. More ideas flow. WOW, I'm loving this!

And that's all I can tell you for now! Except that sometime this afternoon I'm having some of this.
Raspberry sherbet