Sunday, June 21, 2015

Testing, Testing: The Tarot Nova

This deck is sometimes called the Complete Tarot Kit, or the Fortune Telling Kit, and comes with a slim folder of instructions and a tiny hard-cover book, Palm Reading. The cards themselves are small and more square in shape than most. They feel good in my hands. The whole package is rather adorable.

That's all very nice but is this cutesy thing any good as a reading deck? Let's ask it.

The questions are ready. I'm shuffling the deck, wondering which cards will show up to take the witness stand. Ooh, two Swords; this deck is here to do battle.

1. You look like you were drawn by kids ~ VIII of Swords
Is that supposed to be an insult?
Kids are creative, free-thinking, fresh, unsullied by the world, smart, observant.
They're good at games and puzzles, and talking their way out of predicaments.
They don't accept defeat easily, even when it looks like they're blocked on all sides.
They are ever-ready to spring into action. Their world is hands-on.
They hear all kinds of secrets when you think they're sleeping. 

2. There's not much of an image on each card. Is it enough to generate ideas? XIX The Sun
Catch a ride with whatever's going your way. Don't be a chicken - grab hold!
Wake up, be happy! The bluebird of happiness is right behind you.
It's a new day, a clean slate.
Look, Ma, no hands! I can do this.
 The early bird gets the worm. Time marches on.
When a bright opportunity comes calling, listen up!

3. Are you just too cute to be taken seriously? ~ Ace of Swords
You call this cute? I am cutting edge; just look at what I did to that vine!
My comments may cut to the heart of the matter, but the blow is cushioned by my
ergonomically designed handle. 
I'm comfortable to use but I get the job done. 

The small but mighty Tarot Nova

P.S. I love the backs.
Folk-dancing, anyone?