Sunday, May 03, 2015

What exactly IS a good online reading?

Different things to different people.
How to produce one that I'm happy to send out? There's the rub! I don't know yet.
Which is why I've opted out (at least for now) of offering them in their usual format of n number of cards, this or that spread, for x amount of $.

How does one get the chatty back-and-forth of an in-person reading from such a dry format?
You can exchange a series of emails, which is a time-consuming type of chatting. The problem may work itself out without any reading at all!

There's always that potential for misunderstanding because email lacks vital clues like facial expressions and vocal inflections.
What if the querent gets the wrong idea? Is insulted or hurt?
What if I miss the point entirely?
You see the difficulty.

Some people are brilliant using this medium (Theresa Reed, for instance.)
Many readers employ a series of "intake questions", which go a long way to matching reader and querent language and thought styles. James Wells is one reader who uses these well.

Yes, the querent can choose a deck or a spread. That personalizes things.

The wording of the question can be bandied about until both parties agree on its impact and value.
What can I do to...?  How can I...?  What might be the best way to...?

Perhaps this is where one's "psychic abilities" enter the equation? I'm up the creek, if that's the case.

Having decades of readings under your belt is helpful. As is beginning your tarot career in grade school.
I went to grade school. Will that do?

Email is the ideal comfort-zone type of reading for querents who just want an answer.
Just tell me yes or no. Never mind all the self-help blather.

As for me, I'm stirring the pot, tossing in possibilities, tasting new approaches.
And simmering until I get the blend of flavours I'm looking for.

Hm. Needs salt...