Sunday, May 24, 2015

Testing, Testing: The Fairy Lights Tarot

I looked at this deck online when it first came out and didn't want it. Too unclear, too busy, too weird, too something.
Enter the supreme enabling thread: the Trimmed Borders/Altered Decks Index on Aeclectic Tarot. How does the deck look when the side borders are trimmed off? Splendid.
I left the thin white line intact for continuity with the white at the tops and bottoms. The trade-off is that the adjoining edges have a teeny bit of white between them. I'll live with it like this for a while. I can always remove it later, but can't add it back once cut off!

The Fairy Lights Tarot began life as 39 paintings, in a style nudging Impressionism, with a hint of Klimt and a bit of odd thrown in. Each drawing was then cut in half to make 78 tarot cards. This is a LoScarabeo deck, and it comes with the usual LWB in 5 languages, 11 pages devoted to each. Are Lucia Mattioli's card pairings listed in these 11 pages? Only two of 39. I spent a pleasant hour finding the other 37 and getting acquainted with the deck. And then wrote them all down in the LWB!

I find this to be an intriguing idea. Let's see how it works.

8 of Pentacles working her earthly magic and sending it forth into the world.
8 of Wands seeing those plans come to fruition in a fiery splashdown.

9 of Cups, where feelings fly free, independent of wealth and walls.
King of Pentacles, whose hard work and husbandry built the walls that shelter.

4 of Pentacles taking such care with his hoard, loading all his earthly possessions onto his burro.
XVI The Tower, where the inhabitants have abandoned all their goods in a flight to safety. 

2 of Wands, entering an oasis of what-might-be, if one brings enough insight and energy.
7 of Pentacles, appreciating what is manifest after sufficient work and perseverance.

VI The Lovers and the beginning.
10 of Cups, wondering how far have we come? Contemplating the next step.

Happy World Tarot Day!