Sunday, April 12, 2015

Needing to Win with the 5 of Swords

The need to win, even when the outcome is completely inconsequential. It's a curse.

For instance, there's the matter of how many people buy real Christmas trees versus those who have artificial ones. As the designated recycling day draws near, households park their now-empty trees by the curb, and I really want my block to have more than others.

Does the city issue a citation for the block with the most real trees? No.
Is there any kind of prize whatsoever? No.
Does anyone (sane) care about this statistic? No.
But every year as I drive through the neighbourhood I'm counting, wanting my block to win. It's a thoroughly Five of Swords kind of mania. Either/or with no middle ground.
Alice in Wonderland logic.

If you're down, I must be up.
Alice Tarot

My child may not be on the winning side, but at least she's not mean.
(Three kids never works. It always ends up as 2 against 1.)
Victorian Romantic 2006 edition

If I make you small, I'll be big.
Hezikos Tarot

If not society's darling (Jane Austen's Emma), then the disregarded dregs (Miss Bates).
Jane Austen Tarot

The nuns in the convent where I took piano lessons were in an ongoing unacknowledged struggle for
more music festival wins than that other order of sisters in that other convent.
Zirkus Magi

If I'm not ahead, I'm behind. And if I'm behind, I'm dead meat.
Dark Grimoire

Friend or foe. Choose.
Steampunk Tarot (Moore/Fell)

If not the aggressor, then the victim.
Victorian Fairy

In the words of ABBA: "The winner takes it all, the loser standing small."
Dreaming Way Tarot, cropped

The bully, triumphant. The vanquished, candy-less but with a companion to share the loss.
Halloween Tarot

Winning, but at what price?
I don't much like the Five of Swords.