Sunday, April 19, 2015

Slippery Brain

Have you ever had days when your brain won't sit still? It's fluttery. It flees. If you try to pin it down it slithers away like Peter Pan's shadow. It's as temperamental as Tinkerbell. 

It wants to think about packing for New York's RS15. It wants to know what goddess bracelets I'm bringing, and how many decks will make the trip to Readers Studio. It's questioning me about peanuts versus prunes, T-shirts and tarot bags, and do I have a folding magnifying glass?

Let's put underwear in a suitcase, it says. Have you printed your boarding pass yet?
Never mind teaching and defrosting food. Forget about opening the mail and scooping litter.
Taxes? They're not important. Yes, that's dust on the floor. Your point?
Which fountain pen are you bringing? Let's count money. Go find a coupon for airport parking.

OK, OK! There are decks lining the bottom of my suitcase; I pulled out two Ziplocs for peanuts, and stacked up some underwear. My brain is temporarily mollified. But here's the rest of me...



Sunday, April 12, 2015

Needing to Win with the 5 of Swords

The need to win, even when the outcome is completely inconsequential. It's a curse.

For instance, there's the matter of how many people buy real Christmas trees versus those who have artificial ones. As the designated recycling day draws near, households park their now-empty trees by the curb, and I really want my block to have more than others.

Does the city issue a citation for the block with the most real trees? No.
Is there any kind of prize whatsoever? No.
Does anyone (sane) care about this statistic? No.
But every year as I drive through the neighbourhood I'm counting, wanting my block to win. It's a thoroughly Five of Swords kind of mania. Either/or with no middle ground.
Alice in Wonderland logic.

If you're down, I must be up.
Alice Tarot

My child may not be on the winning side, but at least she's not mean.
(Three kids never works. It always ends up as 2 against 1.)
Victorian Romantic 2006 edition

If I make you small, I'll be big.
Hezikos Tarot

If not society's darling (Jane Austen's Emma), then the disregarded dregs (Miss Bates).
Jane Austen Tarot

The nuns in the convent where I took piano lessons were in an ongoing unacknowledged struggle for
more music festival wins than that other order of sisters in that other convent.
Zirkus Magi

If I'm not ahead, I'm behind. And if I'm behind, I'm dead meat.
Dark Grimoire

Friend or foe. Choose.
Steampunk Tarot (Moore/Fell)

If not the aggressor, then the victim.
Victorian Fairy

In the words of ABBA: "The winner takes it all, the loser standing small."
Dreaming Way Tarot, cropped

The bully, triumphant. The vanquished, candy-less but with a companion to share the loss.
Halloween Tarot

Winning, but at what price?
I don't much like the Five of Swords.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Prepping for Readers Studio 2015

On the 23rd of this month, I'm heading to New York with a minimum of clothing (somehow that reads more risqué than it is), as much US cash as I can muster (alas, our Canadian dollar is down right now), and as many decks as I can possibly cram into my carry-on. It's almost Readers Studio time!

Oh the heady days of being awash in a sea of fellow enthusiasts and temptacious vendors. The anticipation of greeting old friends and the possibility of making new ones. Those gigantic juicy burgers in the hotel bar. An entire hotel lobby filled with people reading tarot. Oh my. It's a dazzling mix.

This year brings something new (and scary-exciting) for me. I'm offering one of the PM Study Sessions. (This is how I felt when I found out that my proposal had been selected.)

You may have noticed that I like decks. Lots of decks. A huge variety of them. And that's what my offering is about - using MORE DECKS in a reading. Such fun!

Here's a small and simple example.

Hi, Tarot!
Any suggestions for my preparations for Readers Studio this year? Shuffling the AnnaK.
Four of Pentacles

Very funny. Are you telling me that, had I done a better job of saving money, I'd have more for splurging at the vendors' tables?
Are you implying that I'll be bellied up to the bar like the three luckless creatures in this card, with no funds, watching others downing burgers and beer?

There's more than a grain of truth in that.

Are you suggesting that I'm hoarding (in my head) all my ideas, instead of writing them down somewhere?
That I might be procrastinating?
That when it comes time to relate them to others, I won't be able to find them, and I'll be groping around on the ground looking for them?

Getting warmer.

Sharing my work with others is what this is all about.


I'm going to have a look at the Siamese Tarot.
Siamese Tarot

Running a class is a bit like a performance.

It is.

Am I ready to juggle ideas?
Can I think on my feet?

Questions worth considering.

A couple of areas are securely fastened down, but others are still floating. Prepare as much as possible, but don't be so attached to a pre-planned outline that you miss an opportunity for an even better idea. Draw from the audience; pick their brains.
Go with the flow. Stay loose. Be prepared to rearrange if that's what is needed for a good outcome.

These ideas will serve you well. 

What does the Fantastic Menagerie have to say?
Fantastic Menagerie

Share my ideas while they're fresh. They won't be much use to me or anyone else once they become stale and commonplace.

So true.

There's interest in this now. Dish it out before the onlookers wander off. Don't worry about being too cheesy.

You can't be too cheesy for this crowd.

I'm not the big cheese, just the facilitator.

That's much less daunting. (Keep the cheese references coming.)

Get digging and scraping, Find as many good bits as I can.

Remember, there's a sell-by date on this project.

Thanks for the fresh ideas and the kick-in-the-pants, Tarot!