Monday, March 16, 2015

Here Comes the Sun...

I'm lucky to live in a part of the world where each season is distinctly, gloriously, particularly, its own.
Spring brings so many wonders with it: buds, greens, blooms, warm breezes, lighter coats, longer days. An unmistakable lightness of being.
There are more perks than the obvious weatherly ones, as far as I'm concerned .
For a few short weeks between Winter and Summer, I'll require neither humidifier nor dehumidifier to make my house comfortable. No emptying or filling of water receptacles.
Only a tad of furnace needed, and no air-conditioning at all. I can see my utility bills taking a nose dive!
And neither snow shovel nor lawn mower to keep up appearances with the neighbours.
Ah, the bliss of the between season!

Enough about my laziness. Back to the Sun - the guest of honour.

This is the most inviting Sun card that I know. 
Tarot of the Sidhe
There's so much more than Sunly warmth here! 
Come! Join the dance. Everyone is welcome. Don't worry - we'll pull you along. The destination is well worth the climb. It will be fantastic! What are you waiting for? Yes, you!

Unless you have serious difficulties with sunlight,
Vampires of the Eternal Night

 you probably respond to the Sun's infectious wake-up call.
Fantastic Menagerie

You may be overcome by a sudden urge to dance.
Bruegel Tarot

Or decide to strike out on an adventure with some new friends.
Inner Child Tarot

Even if you do nothing special at all, you'll no doubt experience the sensation of 
climbing out of Winter's dark cave into the light.
Dark Grimoire

Welcome, Spring!