Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bored, Drowsy, Down-in-the-Dumps

I'm sick of myself today. In need of a diversion but too lazy to do anything about it.

A walk would fix things.
Nah, I'd have to get dressed.
Today's Journey Tarot

A shower might wake you up.
Nah, I'd have to get undressed.
Efflorescent Tarot

You're in the middle of a really good book.
No thanks - my mind's too bored to concentrate right now.
Steampunk Tarot (Moore/Fell)

More Call the Midwife?
Better not. I'm starting to believe I live in Nonnatus House, eating cake with the nuns.

Call someone on the phone.
Who'd want to talk to such a dullard?
Fairtytale Tarot (Hunt)

Cook something.
The fridge is already full of things I'm too sluggish to reheat.
What about those wonderful yogurt pancakes?
I can't find the recipe.
Wheel of Change Tarot

Work on your Study Group outline for Readers Studio 2015 in April.
That sounds too much like work.
Dark Grimoire Tarot

Continue crocheting that string bag you started yesterday.
I have to unravel a row that's all wrong.

Scan in a new tarot deck. 
Which one? I can't decide.

Am I making too many suggestions? 
Yes! You're way too cheerful. Go away.
AnnaK Tarot

Why don't you sit around feeling sorry for yourself? 
Good idea.
Napo Tarot

It's a Four of Cups kind of day.