Sunday, July 13, 2014

Caterpillars, self-defense, and the 7 of Wands

Sometime in April, these two fauna interlopers took up residence in my cracked driveway. By May, they were obviously much too beautiful to remove!

Come mid-June there were two little critters on the dill. Within a week they had ingested most of the crown of the plant. (Notice the chewed-off dill stalk below - goodbye, cooking with fresh dill!) An online search revealed that they are, not surprisingly, called "dill caterpillars" which become "dill butterflies" aka swallowtail butterflies. Apparently they are equally fond of parsley.

So what does a small caterpillar do to defend itself if a curious home owner touches it ever so slightly?
It immediately shoots out two jellyish orange antennae. I'm not sure what it was planning to do to me with those squishy-looking little things, but that caterpillar was not going down without a fight!

Which brings me to the Seven of Wands, the "I'm not going down with a fight" card.
Wands, as the element of Fire, are all about our personal hutzpah: our passion, sass, verve, self-identity, energy, drive, self-esteem, the spark and flame that identifies us. Our fingerprint on the Universe.

Defence of oneself can take many forms.
From the tiny caterpillar above, encountering a foe hundreds of times his size, we see

incredible courage under impossible odds

      valour under fire

It might mean protecting that which we hold dear -                                                                                    
Buckland Romani

our children

our lifestyle

Defending our integrity                                                                               Securing our creative ideas
Fantastic Menagerie
Tarot of the Burroughs

Hiding out for a while 'til the danger passes                                       Being our truest version of ourself 
Inner Child

Those two beautiful caterpillars have moved on now, to the next stage of their life adventure. I hope they safely navigated that long span of exposed concrete and found a sturdy twig to hang around on. 
I'll be on the lookout for two swallowtails in the garden!