Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Energy Extensions Part 2: holding the middle ground

This week I've been listening to Andrew McGregor's and James Wells' excellent discussion on Trump XX, Judgement - one of my least favourite cards. It's the word Judgement itself that I don't like, with all its connotations of narrow-mindedness, rigidness, better-than-thou-ness. Their conversation roamed over many angles from which to view this Trump XX, including other names by which the card is known in various decks (Time-Space, Liberation, Examination, Awakening, Rebirth, Aeon, to name a few) which considerably soften the judgemental impact of the card.

So for this Part 2 of Energy Extensions, I decided to use Judgement as the guinea pig card.
I've chosen Robert Place's Trump XX to represent the "middle of the road" or somewhat standard image, with an angel blowing his horn to call forth or resurrect the dead.
Alchemical Tarot: Renewed

Moving to the left, the judgemental energy decreases.
The AnnaK's angel stands on earth with those emerging, rather than holding himself aloft and above them. And instead of trumpeting at them, he welcomes them with open arms. So we see less of the judgemental energy here.
AnnaK & Alchemical Tarot: Renewed

To the left again, in the Art of Life tarot the assessment is coming from oneself, not another. And it's more about crafting our best selves than judging whether or not we measure up.
Art of Life & AnnaK & Alchemical

Now we head in the opposite direction, where the judgement energy increases as we move to the right away from our Alchemical centre.
The Elora Tarot's Judgement shows a tangle of desperate souls clamouring to be chosen. Who will be lucky enough to be lifted skyward? There's an impersonal, almost random, feel to this version of Judgement.
Alchemical & Elora 

And last we have the Tarot of the Burroughs' take on the Judgement card. GUILTY AS CHARGED! This is the most here-on-earth version of Judgement in these five cards. I can almost hear that gavel thumping down its verdict.
Alchemical & Elora & Tarot of the Burroughs

I found all this variation in the span of energies for Judgement XX, and was only as far as the letter E in my deck files!
Here's to S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G the possibilities!