Sunday, June 01, 2014

Decluttering and the Ace of Swords

There's an artist in Wales whose blog I follow; he talks about working creatively in small increments of time, about Gladstone's Library (I so want to stay there sometime), about kitchen timers shaped like tomatoes, about steeping tea, and about cake. It's the cake that lures me in, especially when he gives the recipe. His name is Michael Nobbs and you can find him at Sustainably Creative.

A current topic is decluttering: The 10 Things Declutter, which my house could desperately use.

So which tarot card is about decluttering? Maybe an Ace.

Fresh start, clean beginning. The number 1; a single decisive pen stroke.
It's hard to think clearly when everything around is a disaster. And yet, I'm often surrounded by a jungle and don't even notice. What starts as a mess soon becomes an accepted part of the domestic scenery.

Like the morning I was stepping over piles of unshelved books and homeless paperwork on my bedroom floor, trying to get to my underwear drawer. Absently stretching my stride to straddle the obstacles, I happened to look down.
I'd been climbing over The Clutter-Busting Handbook for days, perhaps weeks!
I might have dusted it once or twice - who knows?

Ace of Swords: Air, thoughts, communication, clarity, the written word (check your floor; there might be important ideas down there), uncluttered cutting-through-the-crap thinking.

Many decks have gorgeous Ace cards.
Because this is a post about unclutter, I've chosen some of the simpler designs.

First up, two that show the traditional sword image - clean, clear, straightforward.
One with the blade pointing up; the sky's the limit, an idea taking off.
The other piercing rock with its deadly aim and focus.
The Alchemical Tarot: Renewed
Intuitive Tarot

Now some featured creatures: 
a solitary badger contemplating her/his next move in the clear air,
and a bat, arriving courtesy of an elegant hand, enjoying a little downtime before a night flight.
Badgers Forest Tarot
Halloween Tarot

Gaian Tarot

An owl's penetrating gaze, challenging us to hone our thoughts;
and a monarch butterfly enjoying its first ever taste of air. It doesn't get much newer than this hatchling drying its wings in preparation for an inaugural flight.
If you get this card, prepare for a brand new idea to fly in!                                                         
Shining Tribe Tarot

Finally, a small deadly-accurate knife to place your cutting-edge focus right where you want it.
And a witch's journal, or grimoire, to chronicle inspirations and learnings via the written word.
Tarot of the Burroughs
Dark Grimoire

Here's to uncluttered minds and houses (well, mine anyway!).