Saturday, May 24, 2014

Heartburn and Headache with the Three of Swords

Warning: this is a grumpy post.

Here's how I can persuade my body to produce a nice batch of heartburn.
Go to bed with a good book (this is not the heartburn part), a glass of red wine, a bag of black licorice.
Eat a lot more licorice than I intended, wash it down with the wine.
Go to sleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night it will arrive. It will require higher pillows so the acid reflux thing has to fight gravity to make its presence felt. And then checking the alarm to see how much sleep opportunity I have left after all this heartburn nonsense.

Some little known food & wine facts:
Dark wines go well with dark foods. That includes black licorice and dark chocolate 
and prunes.
Light wines work best with milk chocolate and red licorice and sugar cookies.

Which brings me to the Three of Swords which is officially a Head card - the element of Air, the mind, thoughts (clear or twisted), communication (verbal and written).
AND YET, the common Rider-Waite-Smith image is of a Heart pierced by three swords. 
What is this big bleeding heart doing in the suit of the Mind? It never seems right to me.
Efflorescent Tarot
Goddess Tarot (Waldherr)

I love both of these decks,
and of course there are splendid explanations of how to interpret this image. In a less cranky moment I am able to embrace them.
But not today.

The Headache Card
So I'm starting a campaign to get the bleeding Heart off the Three of Swords card, and replace it with the Headache card.
The Headache Card

Here are a few examples of decks which are already on the Headache card bandwagon.
All Hallows Tarot
Victorian Fairy Tarot

Gossiping, backbiting,
uncharitable words.

Regrets which may come

Fears about what others
think of us.


Victorian Romantic (2006)

Wildwood Tarot

The slings and arrows which
inevitably come our way.

Fear that we can't survive a loss.
Remorse, regret.

Jealousy: our mind messing with
our equilibrium. (I know that's a bleeding wooden heart on the Wildwood, but jealousy is surely a head problem!)

Gaian Tarot
Touchstone Tarot

Attempting to journal away our problems.
Writing letters to explain
or air grievances.

The shock of hearing 
something which 
stuns and alarms.
Look at those eyes!

Wild Unknown
Steampunk (Moore/Fell)

All this heartburn is clogging
up the cogs and wheels;
nothing is ticking over;
repairs needed.

What a tangled web
we weave!

Bottoms up!