Sunday, December 29, 2013

Testing, Testing: The Dark Grimoire

This is a tongue-in-cheek response to TABI's second practice question for November.
Please note: NO ACTUAL PERSON was offended in the writing of this letter! Both question and querent are fictitious.

Here we go...out on a limb with the Grim.

I've a young family and don't get the time to do what I want to and I'm unhappy. Please help!

Dear Unhappy,

I've chosen the completely inappropriate Dark Grimoire deck for your reading because I'm selfishly using your situation to further my tarot skills.

1. WHAT TO TRY - Knave of Chalices
Chalices are the suit of Water, our emotional centre, and in this deck represent Dreams which can be fragile and need to be nurtured.
TRY to hold onto your dreams of having more time for yourself, because as your family grows you will indeed emerge from your 24/7 status as a mom.
After everyone is bedded down for the night, pour yourself a glass of wine, and maybe just sit in the dark for a while to collect the bits of yourself that have strayed off during the day to care for your family.
TRY to find a bit of time to indulge yourself with what you want to do. Maybe you're a morning person (as is the young woman in this card) and sunrise might be this time for you to do a bit of writing or reading, or attend to your hair or your closet, whatever you need to do to make yourself feel like an attractive literate adult again.

2. WHAT TO AVOID - Knight of Pentacles
In the Dark Grimoire deck, Pentacles are Shadows, our physical body and our material possessions. The Shadow aspect, as WHAT TO AVOID, is suggesting that you are not your possessions. The real you exists separately from your material existence.
Since much of your physical existence right now involves the trappings of children and babyhood, this card is letting you know that you are not merely the lowly servant of the washing machine and high chair (although it may sometimes feel like that).
Perhaps AVOID getting mired in the idea that you will be stuck in the bad-smelling cave of the diaper pail forever!
This card may be advising you to AVOID excessive wishing that a Knight with a magic egg will suddenly transport you out of the childcare cave into an adult world where no one vomits on you and free time stretches infinitely!

How perfect for your LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL, Unhappy!
There is indeed an END to your current no-time-for-me TUNNEL. Your children will eventually learn to dress themselves and use the microwave and stop shoving coasters into the DVD player.
You'll need a little patience to get there, however.
Some ideas come to mind with the luxurious castle beckoning in this card:
  • your children will grow up to be rich, and will support you in palatial style in your old age
  • you will win the lottery and buy a castle, where an array of servants and nannies will see to your every need, including that of privacy and time to yourself
But in the meantime...

The Knave (sometimes Page or Princess) of Chalices invites you to DREAM up some small activities for yourself that will fit into your current busy family life.
AVOID getting stuck in the "I'll never get out of this cave of endless childcare duties" and put your Knightly energy to constructive use. Have a look in your fridge - maybe one of the eggs in there is glowing with an idea for you!
And know that your 24/7 duties will LIGHTen up, and there will be days when your home will look more like a palace and less like a playpen!

Who knew that even a seemingly ill-chosen deck such as the Dark Grimoire could offer up a useful and suitable reading to this young mother?
Tarot...ya gotta love it!