Sunday, November 03, 2013

Prolific Perception

I wanted to find out how many words can be made using the letters in perception.
The site has the answer; are you ready for this? 328!
(Most of which I confess I've not seen before.)

My favourite of all is coin - as in "the flip side of the same" which is absolutely perfect for how perception works.
(Although a crone and a cretin sharing a recipe for potpie washed down with a pint of pinot noir, followed by crepes for dessert while enjoying the ripe tones of a trio of tenors were also in the running.)

Last night I heard Margaret Atwood speak about her latest book, MaddAddam (she's fond of palindromes). Although most of her books are not on my re-read list, I was jazzed to hear her in person. She was fluent, fluid, funny.
A critic might describe her style as condescending and affected, her mind preoccupied with body parts and swear words, her answers to audience questions flippant.
A fan may say she is brilliant, knowledgeable on diverse subjects, hilariously down-to-earth, and likely to turn silly questions back over to the asker.
Same subject, same event, two perceptions. I love it!

Water or Weeds

Water or Boat with Heron Carcass (Gaian Tarot)

Female or Male (Gaian Tarot)

Boobs or Buildings (Prague)

Cluttered or Interesting (Fantastic Menagerie)

Fire Red or Lava Grey (Dark Goddess Tarot)

Coming or Going

Going. 'Bye for now!