Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sneaking Around with the Seven of Swords

Sneaking around starts early.
  • Swiping a fingertip through a frosted birthday cake left unguarded.
  • Listening in on your parents' conversations when you're supposed to be in bed, like the sisters in the Tea Tarot below.
Small potatoes. No big deal. Until it escalates later in life.

In high school everybody does a lot of sneaking around. Let's face it - it's unavoidable. Your parents have certain expectations, and when they don't match your plans, you have to lie. You say you're going to Carolyn's when in fact you're down by the river parking with Tom. Teenage stuff. Mostly harmless.

My school was all girls, Catholic, run with rosary beads and rulers by the nuns. Our boyfriends went to the Catholic all boys' school presided over by priests. It was a good arrangement, and meant that we could talk about boys all we wanted without them overhearing.

One particularly dramatic friend in my grade 12 class took dating deception to a whole new level. She ran off with one of the teacher-priests from the boys' school. It was a huge scandal. Really cool.
I never did find out if she left by way of the old rope-out-the-window trick like this young woman from the Vanessa Tarot or by more conventional means.

So what happens to the Seven of Swords persona when it blooms into full-fledged adult behaviour?

Of course there are degrees of Seven of Swords-ness, ranging from:
occasional not-very-nice pilfering of people's ideas or possessions as seen in the Tarot Illuminati

to the endless self-serving plotting of the thoroughly unlikeable Mrs. Norris
from Jane Austen's Mansfield Park

all the way to the evil demon intruder with glowing eyes in the Dark Grimoire.
Sleeper, beware!

So the next time I'm tempted to syphon, pilfer, filch, or otherwise behave in a Seven-of-Swords-ly manner, I'm going to remember what a slippery slope it is from snitching a dollop of frosting to becoming an orange-eyed demon.