Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Loot! All Hallows Tarot

I'm deeply and happily immersed right now in James Wells' course on Tarot Counselling for Self & Others. Last week's activity during the live call was to construct a spread using a tarot card as the inspiration.
Since we're coming up to Halloween, I chose my All Hallows deck for the exercise and drew...
How perfect!
I picked out the following elements and used their place in the image as the spread positions.

1. the moon itself

                                                                                               2. the jagged tree marring the moon

3. the hound                              4. the water

1. Who or what is mesmerizing you?
2. What persistent reality is intruding?
3. What is grounding you?
4. What clarity do you feel flowing from this?

That was SO MUCH FUN to build; I drew another card!
This time three elements stood out for me.

1. the skull with blue eyes

                                               2. the monarch butterfly

                                               3. the scythe

1. What conclusion or ending is staring you in the face?
2. What bright new life might emerge from this ending?
3. What tool will help you bring this to a close?