Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hanging around with the Hanged Man

Right now I'm hanging around waiting for a response to my most recent email reading for TABI. And for notification from the real estate agent that an offer has come in. And for my house to clean itself.
The first two are at least possible. The third is as likely as these blobs of water continuing to defy gravity without benefit of a camera's frozen pixels.

Budapest: Margaret Island's musical fountain

I like the Hanged Man, Trump XII. It gives permission to stop doing things and just look around for awhile. Maybe gain a new perspective on things. Activity suspended. How will you use this time?

Dealing with an enforced period of inactivity in a relaxed and open state is probably the most fruitful way to spend your time. Like this guy from the Druidcraft Tarot, who is letting it all hang out, so to speak! And he's so into his upside-down experience that he's muzzled himself with greenery to make sure he doesn't just natter away the time. Total surrender! This man is going to learn something here.

But what if the upended person is too ticked off to do anything but pout and fret while he's dangling?
Then you get someone like this grumpy dude from the Anna K Tarot. He's going to keep that sour face until they let him down. That'll show 'em. No pondering new perspectives for him, thank you very much!

Sometimes the atmosphere is ripe for reflection! A full moon reflecting on the water, an owl encouraging wise thoughts, the empty tower with no one around but you. The scene just begs for going within, allowing your inner wisdom to shine through, coaxing insights too shy to emerge by day. Some dreamy new ideas are possible here in the Bohemian Gothic Tarot!

I never liked The Tree in the Gaian Tarot. She looked like she'd been stretched. It didn't appeal to me. Until I thought: stretching your mind, increasing its elasticity, pulling your perceptions like taffy. HA! She's turning her thoughts around as the season takes a turn into Fall.
And look at the tilted horizon in this card; more practice at looking at the world in fresh and unfamiliar ways!

Sometimes your life feels too tight, too constricted. You can't breathe. If you don't cut loose RIGHT NOW you're going to explode! But maybe if you hang in there just a wee bit more, you'll uncover something worth digging for: a pearl of wisdom. And then you can surface with your treasure like this diver in the Tarot of the Journey to the Orient!

There's no one hanging in The Wizard's Tarot. That's odd. My eye is drawn to the crooked picture on the wall. Aha!
An upside-down version of the card is framed and hanging. And within the frame is a crooked upside-down version of get the idea. Theoretically endless images of the Hanged Man who has turned his life around. If he forgets that another upending might be necessary, he has only to glance up and be reminded. Life is topsy-turvy on a regular basis!

For sheer comic relief we listen in on The Housewives Tarot as she sings "I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair" and then hangs him out to dry. This husband might want to bring home flowers and candy tonight!