Sunday, June 09, 2013

Dithering...with the AnnaK Tarot

Creating one's first-ever blog post is hard work. 
It should be clever, captivating, witty, profound, refreshingly different,
stunning in its originality.
It should burst onto the blog scene like fireworks!
It should reflect who I am, but not be too weird (that might be asking too much).

And what if nobody likes it? Or me?
What if no one reads it unless I offer to pay them?
What if I allow comments and all that comes through are "boo, hiss" and the sounds of snoring?

What if I'm a dismal failure?
It feels like this.

So I'm stuck.
Hanging around doing nothing. Indecisive and feeling grumpy about it. Like this.

Things look a little different from this perspective. All this blood rushing to my head is stirring up my brain cells. I'm starting to get the hang of this blogging thing!

With just a bit more digging...

 What the heck - just do it! Go out on a limb - don't look down!

Obviously all the cards above were chosen to represent what I was feeling. So now I'll shuffle to see what comes up for "Well, Anna K deck, what are your thoughts on our first blog post together?"

Two cards fell out, so they must have wanted to say something. Here's the first one.

VII The Chariot, one of the 22 Major Arcana cards.
The Anna K deck could be saying,
"It's been a Major pain working with you, Teawoman. I'm outta here!"
But I prefer to think it's more like...
"And we're off on a great adventure together!"

The Queen of Rods, suit of Fire, shares a golden day (very much like it is here at home, actually) with the Chariot card above. She's saying: "Well done, Teawoman! You've muddled through all the grey gloom of the first cards and emerged into the sunlight. And that's something to be proud of."
But just as I'm about to click publish, she winks and says, "Just make sure you don't get all high and mighty about it!"
You gotta love these Queens! 

(All these images are from the delightful Anna.K Tarot the artist's original version.)