Door #1

Welcome to my work tent! Please close the flap behind you ~ mosquitoes.

I'm building a spread in here - it's called (working title):
The Phases of the Moon Seasonal Check-In Spread - Summer Edition. I know, so many words, eh? (Canadian-ness leaking through. It's our 150th birthday year, so what the heck!)
Someone on Aeclectic Tarot's forum mentioned a seasonal check-in spread, and I really liked the idea.

This is the first phase of the build, not the reading itself. That comes later.

In the Victorian Fairy deck, Summer is given to Water (or Cups). So the ringmaster* of this spread is the first Water/Summer/Cups card that I come to when going through my shuffled deck right-side-up. This card goes in the centre, and tells me what the focus of the reading will be. I know that it'll be something in the emotional realm of Water.
*Is ringmaster no longer politically correct, I wonder? Ringperson just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Then we need four more cards to represent each of the phases of the Moon:
New, Waxing, Full, Waning. 
Each of these phases might feel like a good thing to be happening, or maybe not. 

Here's a picture I drew of how the spread lays out, and an early (still thinking) list of the good or not-so-great things each phase of the Moon might be talking about.

Thanks for stopping by!