Sunday, January 21, 2018

Testing, Testing: Whispers of Lord Ganesha

I know. It's not a tarot deck. But here's why...

Elephants. Ya gotta love 'em. Their flying ears, their hairy snuffling snouts, and oh those babies!

Their loyalty to each other.                                                                       Their wisdom.

The BABAR books

A few years ago I went to Florence, Italy. As it happened, one of my online friends from TABI lived in Italy, although she's really a UKer. And she loved to take the train into Florence (her nearest big city) to stock up on British-y food items not available in her small town. So, we agreed on a day, and actually met in person for the first time. What would an entire day with an almost stranger be like, I wondered?
It turned out to be a delight.

A grand day of hoofing it around the splendour that is Florence!

And we finished up at an Indian restaurant (not in "downtown" Florence but in a regular neighbourhood) where she'd found delectable vegetarian food on past visits.

It was a small, ornate, and yummy place, with a huge brass(?) statue of Ganesha by the cash register. If he'd been smaller, he might have accidentally ended up in my purse. Well, maybe not, but it was a covetous situation.

There are all those movies, exploding with the jangle of life, that take place in India where an elephant is likely to sashay by at any moment. Like the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, for instance.

And coming up soon, a years-long dream, a visit to India - illustrated by Whispers of Lord Ganesha.
Am I nervous about leaving my family for a month, to venture so very far away? YES!
What do I hope to experience in that vast and colourful country?
I'll let Ganesha show you.

The generosity of the Indian people.

Their culture.

May I surrender to the experience and whatever it brings!