Sunday, August 06, 2017

I have famous wallpaper

It's true. My ancient water-stained bit-raggedy-around-the-edges grass-cloth wallpaper is in the movies.

1) Right now I'm watching The Magic of Belle Isle, with Morgan Freeman. He plays a well-known author, now a drunk, who won't write a word since his beloved wife died. His long-suffering nephew found him a cottage, free for the summer, in a little lakeside community. In the living room? My wallpaper.
(Please excuse all the wavy lines; I don't know how to take a picture from the TV screen. I'm sure my nice camera could figure it out, if I'd ever let it off  'auto'.)

2) Sally Field. I like her work. In Brothers and Sisters she plays a loving and interested/involved/nosey mom to a brood of adult kids, who are in and out of her big California house all the time despite having lives of their own. The entryway? My wallpaper.
(No picture - sorry - returned it to Family Video without thinking - you'll just have to take my word for it.)

And there's more!
3) Monk - series 2, episode 2 - 'Monk Goes to Mexico'. Sleezy hotel room with a cockroach on the pillow instead of a mint. My Sharona and my wallpaper. Which I must admit I find a bit insulting; couldn't they have found a more...appealing motel if they're going to copy my decor?

So that's the wallpaper story. When do we get to the tarot part?
That's a very good question. Still looking for that magic segue...

OK, here goes.
I have, in my house, famous wallpaper. Famous wall paper.
And also, in this very house, there are books by famous tarot people.
They are on a bookshelf against the wall.
And the books are made of paper.
(Not the greatest - but it's summertime - one's thinking gets a little loose and undisciplined.) 

In neighbourhood news
This is going on in the backyard.

And this graceful creature was on the wall by the outside tap. It`s rare to see one of these around here.