Sunday, August 13, 2017


It happens during each of the seasons, but is particularly LOATHESOME and UNWELCOME during the summer. Yes, August is still the summer. The days are still long compared to most of the year's.

People are still taking SUMMER vacations.
Gaian Tarot

I don't want to hear about the shortening of the days, the cooling of the temperatures, the harvesting, the moving into the dark time of the year, the preparing for winter. NONE of that stuff!


Yes, I KNOW that the wheel of the year is turning.
Gaian Tarot

I KNOW that after August comes September, then October, then a pile of cold weather. Just stop trying to make it go faster, will ya?

Here I am, minding my own business, adjusting the A/C, washing shorts and tank tops, buying peaches and corn and field tomatoes at the market, making a list for the next cottage excursion, trying to wring EVERY LAST DROP out of today, and someone's out there yakking about next month, next season.

AAAAAAAAAAA! Everybody just QUIT IT!
Gaian Tarot

The same goes for seeing back-to-school stuff in the stores when the school bus engines have barely cooled after their end-of-year run, or Christmas displays across the aisle from the Halloween candy, which in turn is being set out while the kids are suffering through their first day of school. So you go on ahead and gallop over to some other month if you want to. I’m staying right here in wonderful hot fantastic summery August until it... isn’t.

Whenever I'm steamed (or tired or thirsty or sad or exultant or...) I pour a big mug of tea. So, from Marcia McCord's Tea Tarot, I've drawn two cards to simmer me down. Let's see what they have to say.

Oh you poor thing, you look like you could use a nice cup of tea. Come, sit down and we'll have a good chat. Would you mind bringing over that plate of cake, the one on the kitchen table? There - thank you, dear. I always find a little sit-down at this time of day to be so soothing - don't you?
Ah, breathing easier already. 
Tea Tarot

This popped up, begging to be heard.
Now listen here, you - that man or woman or waitperson or tearoom may not be your cup of tea, but I love it there. The same goes for the passage of time - we each have our own way of dealing with it. Some of us dig in our heels, like you, and others stride and glide right through. We need all types or the world would be so very dull. Yes?
She's right. Deep breaths. Relax shoulders. Put the kettle on.

In neighbourhood news

The world's largest rubber ducky came to neighbouring Amherstburg this weekend as part of our ongoing Canada 150 celebrations. Not sure what the duck connection is, but it was a delightful afternoon!