Sunday, July 09, 2017

Vacation planning with the tiny Tarot Nova

Serious tarot folk ~ leave now. This post is a light silly summer thing, best suited for this kind of mindset:

At first glance the Tarot Nova looks too simple to be any good for readings, and there are some pretty dismissive reviews out there. But I like its folk art look, and the pared-down drawings seem just right for what I'm doing today: getting straightforward vacation suggestions from a tarot deck. It comes in a slip-cased box along with a tiny book on reading palms. The whole set-up is sturdy and undeniably cute!

It's getting hard to find, alas.

OK, little Tarot Nova, what are your suggestions for my Summer of 2017?

1) Most extravagant ~ Zero The Fool

Take off for parts unknown!
Go on a safari
Ride wild beasts
Track down the bluebird of happiness
Sign up for lion-tamer school
Grab your knapsack and ride the rails cross-country

2) Cheapest ~ Ace of Cups

Stay at home and drink tea!
Invite a friend to join you
Enjoy the fruits of your labours
Plant some annuals
Sit under a grapevine
Love what surrounds you
Make sangria

3) Most unusual ~ Knight of Cups

Ride a dolphin!
Ride a dolphin while playing a drum
Join a circus
Start training for a part in Cirque du Soleil
Try jet-skiing
Ride a horse bareback
(Ride a horse any way you can)
Ride your bike with no hands

4) Easiest ~ II The High Priestess

Do nothing in particular!
Commune with yourself
Look at the Moon
Let your mind float
Look at a flower
Look wise
Try a new hair style

5) Top recommendation ~ XVII The Star

Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!
Be happy with whatever you choose
Water your dreams
Be the star of your own life's story
Feel the breeze in your hair
Go barefoot