Sunday, July 16, 2017

Reversals bug me, and the BKTYCS

When I read tarot, I mostly look at the pictures. And this is hard to do when they're upside down.
I feel the same way about novels - I don't read them upside down either.

And let's not forget the BKTYCS (Be Kind to Your Cards Society). Really, how nice is it to expect a card to hang around upside down while you hem and haw about what it might be saying? (The exception is the Hanged Man, who would LOVE to be reversed so the blood could finally flow out of his pounding head and back into the rest of his body.) See?
Aaaaaaaahhhhh😊 (the Siamese Tarot)

I get it, I understand it - the argument that reversals can expand the range of meaning for the cards. I just don't want to do it. So how can you streeeeetch the span of possibilities for a particular card if you're too kind and considerate to make it stand on its head while you read it?

1) Well, you can ask it to hold out its arms to see how far it can reach in either direction.
What would more of its energy look like? Less of that same energy? Too much? None at all?

Here's the Five of Pentacles from the Everyday Witch Tarot. She's on the move.
More of that energy might take her to the door of the cozy building with the lit windows.
Too much of that same energy and she'll sail right by it and be out in the boonies somewhere.
Less moving energy and she might pace out front all night, never getting into the warmth.
Zero of that will to move, and she and the kid are frozen lawn ornaments. 

2) Or bring in some friends to stand with it for comparison's sake.
A little less energy, and she's doing nothing, bemoaning her fate. The Druidcraft (fully trimmed)
A little more, and she's found at least some temporary shelter. Ancestral Path (trimmed)

Still less energy, and her mind is a blur. She has no clue what to do. The Good Tarot
A dollop more energy and she's out of the shelter and asking for help. Ma'at Tarot

Zero energy, and inertia sets in. We get the frozen lawn ornament effect. Tarot of Prague 2016
Too much energy and she's ridden right out of town, going around in circles on an overladen donkey. Animal Wisdom Tarot

Note: these are decks that just happen to be out on my tarot table right now. You can compare energies with any decks you have lying around. If expanding the range of a card appeals to you, you'll find an assortment of other posts about this very thing.

In neighbourhood news

The doorbell rings. Probably someone trying to sell me a more efficient water heater. Can you come into my house and take a look at my gas bills? No thank you. I save what's on the computer and go downstairs. My lovely new-ish (it's their first summer here) next-door neighbour is on the porch with a WHOLE BOX of produce from her garden: salad greens and basil, washed, bagged, and labelled, and cucumbers. Ain't life grand!