Sunday, July 02, 2017

Canada 150 and the completion of what's behind Door #1

This week has been all about Canada's 150th birthday as a nation in its own right, not as a Dominion of the Crown of Great Britain. We're awash in red! Parades, flags, bands everywhere, red everywhere, iconic Canadian songs and artists on TV and radio, maple leaves on...well, everything! And maple bacon everything as well, from perogies to doughnuts to burgers to chips.

Happy Birthday, Canada!

Tarot content this week appears behind Door #1, up top. There you'll find the exciting conclusion of The Seasonal Check-in Phases of the Moon Spread, Summer Edition!

In neighbourhood news

At the Canada Day Parade here in Windsor, granddaughter Emily, suitably attired in red dress with a maple leaf decal on her cheek, discovered that the walkers on the edges of the parade, doling out candy etc. were FAR more riveting than any floats, bands, horses, or dancers that the parade had to offer. Only the Shriners, tooling around on their tiny motorbikes, even came close.
We almost lost her at one point, before she got the hang of getting her hand out in the right place at the right time. She took off, determined, following a guy dispensing sweets to the crowds, and soon her tiny body was lost to sight in a noisy sea of red moving down the crowded street. Dad high-tailed it to the rescue.