Sunday, June 04, 2017

Is it a "should do" or a "love to"?

On life's timeline, I'm much closer to the end of the line than to where it began.
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Realizing this (duh! it's not like it happened all of a sudden) brings:
1) sadness that there's not nearly enough time left to try everything and to fix things I've screwed up
2) a refreshing influx of who-the-hell-cares  what I say,   how I look,  what I do.

And that's where should versus love comes in.
Fantastic Menagerie
Tarot of the Crone

This weekend?
Well, I should go to a pot-luck dinner-dance where I'll have a fine time once I'm there. But would I love to go? No.

I'd love to go to Art in the Park where I'd ride the complimentary orange school bus with the windows open, get my hand stamped at the low-tech admission booth, replenish my mango tea supply, see scads of handmade art objects and probably buy one that doesn't fit into any kind of budget of mine no matter how I slice it*, hear some local bands (do they actually have to be that loud?), eat an assortment of free samples like raspberry shortbread, five kinds of hummus, at least nine varieties of wine&fruit jellies spooned onto little crackers (and one beer jelly - interesting), washed down by lemonade, buy a hot dog, (much too full after all those samples) and meander over the squashed grass with all the other visitors.
Then I'd love to ride the bus back, pick up my daughter and grandkids, flash my sweat-smeared admission stamp at the gate, and do it all over again 5-year-old style (with some 18-month-old sand play thrown in... 😎).

And that's exactly what I did. Hurray for love!
Fantastic Menagerie

Tarot of the Crone

In neighbourhood news
A local raccoon has decided that my backyard is his outhouse. Raccoon poop is slippery.

*Raccoon deterrent purchased.

~ The End ~