Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Cutting your deck into small square tiles

This great idea isn't mine. I got it from a super-enthusiastic and creative Readers Studio newbie this past April. She is Veronica Jude, and her video about cutting a RWS deck into small square cards is here

I'm not a big fan of the Waite-Smith's artwork, but feel like I should be, and keep buying different versions in case one of them will appeal. I had one with borders already cropped - perfect for this experiment.

My cards were already cropped right back to the image edges along the sides; all I had to do was square them up and re-round the corners. I made a cardboard template so I could slide its window over each card to decide which 6 cm. square (or 2 3/8") section I wanted to keep. That was fun! and brought new life to some of these oh-so-familiar images. It was an entertaining little craft project, and the cards now make a delightful snap as you place them on the table. (I admit to overdoing it a bit because I like the noise.) 

I've been making nine-patch squares with them - 3x3x3 - like a quilt block. I don't normally use reversals, and this is a hoot! There are SO MANY choices when deciding how to read them. Here are just a few, and they change every time, depending on which cards come up in which directions and which patterns your eyes pick up. Here's what I noticed in this particular layout. (These scans were a pain in the butt, btw.)

1. Which suit predominates, or has less representation?
There are two each of Majors, Cups, Wands, Swords. Only 1 Pentacle, and it's upside down. I'm deeming the Pents least important here.
2. Is there more action going backwards (tops of cards facing left) or forwards (heads to the right)?
Three face left and two right. Slightly less forward motion?
3. Any Majors?
Yes, two, and both facing the same way. Significant? I don't know!
4. Any upright? 
Two of nine. There's a lot of opposing or undercutting energy, and some of it comes from the two Majors.

5. Do any of the lines (across, vertical, diagonal) connect with each other in some way?
a) All these have their card tops facing left, and both Majors and the driving Wands 8 are in this line. Perhaps this powerful row is pulling backwards: to slow us down, or to ask us to have another look at something that's already happened?

b) This row contains the only upright cards, and the numbers are all the same! Wands 5, Cups 5, and Temperance XIV (14 reduces (1+4) to 5. Another strong line-up. Temperance's water is pouring diagonally; is she draining some of the heated excess energy from Wands 5 and feeding it to Cups 5?

6. Do any of the cards cancel each other out, or support each other? (For this one, I just play around with pairs, keeping their directions intact, to see if some visual connection appears.)
a) I can't decide if this feels like one cancels the other, or if reversed energy from Cups 7 has produced the regrets in Cups 5, or if the images below are a mirror of Cups 5's thoughts.

b) The two Swords, both tops leading to the right. Has the Ace boosted (goosed?😉) the Knight's energy?

Dealing sets of these tiny cards is a fun activity to practice while watching TV.
It's more like playing than thinking!

In neighbourhood news

1) Solstice drumming circle (yup, that's my white head, right foreground)

2) First ever karaoke singing! at a friend's retirement party.