Saturday, June 17, 2017

A very big week for me, and a new door opens with the Everyday Witch Tarot

Twenty three years of students' piano recitals in this historic courthouse - and last night was the final one.

Each spring we have returned, hearts fluttering in anticipation, to climb the majestic staircase and face the regal (the kids would no doubt say scary and daunting) grand piano.

My final six students came out with their families in tow, including parents, siblings, and three sets of faithful grandparents. What I wasn't prepared for were the dozens of others, students and families from over the years, who also came to share in the evening. 

SO MANY unexpected joys - reunions, hugs, presentations, gifts, reminiscences, former students offering to play and sing - and SO MUCH GRATITUDE for the good and loving (and sometimes goofy) folks I've had the pleasure of working with over the years. My heart is full to bursting.

So which tarot deck? My newest one, as I set out on my newest path - that of a retired teacher. For sixty-two years I've either been in school, married to a school teacher, back in school, or teaching in school or at home. My year has always run from September through June, then there's the summer, then there's September again. That's how it works for me. Until now.
This is going to take a while to sink in.

Here's the card the Everyday Witch Tarot offered up ~ the Page of Cups ~ how perfect! Yes, I am going back to the beginner's mind of a Page, to learn how to handle the new feelings this next phase will bring with it. Yes, back to the drawing board indeed! This will take some practice, and it might get messy!

Here's what I chose for myself ~ The Fool ~ I might get myself some of these cool witchy leggings, now that I'm officially an old crone and don't have to dress responsibly!

The two butted together ~ the waters of life flow on from one phase to the next. Yay! says the Fool.

In neighbourhood news

First firefly sightings of the season. LOVE THEM!
First (I hope last) centipede squashing. (shudder)

and before you leave, check out door #1 at the top of the page!
(If you want to, that is)