Sunday, June 11, 2017

A posse of Nines of Wands, and Door #1

I'm painting Door #1. It will be dry next week.

And now, fifteen takes on the Nine of Wands.

We have these that are standing guard. Are they asking us to exercise caution because danger lies ahead, or are we within while they protect us? Are they keeping us out, or keeping us in? Good question!
Bohemian Gothic
Tarot of Prague

Victorian Romantic
Tarot of Paris

Tarot Illuminati
Fantastic Menagerie

Here are some that look ready in case a fight is heading their way, but they're not entirely sure in which direction the danger might lie. Is the threat from without, or is the fracas an internal one?
Alice Tarot
Goddess Tarot (Waldherr) trimmed

Wizards Tarot trimmed
Siamese Tarot

Baroque Bohemian Cats

The last batch is a mixed bag.
In the first two, there are fun and games on one side of the story, and real danger on the other.
If you're the Stone Giants, hurling humongous boulders is a blast! But earthlings below - beware of the fallout!
The Hobbit Tarot trimmed

The Twelve Dancing Princesses think it's a lark outwitting their guards and slipping out every night to dance their shoes to tatters. But the prospective suitors stand to lose their heads (literally) if they can't figure out the princesses' secret. In the wily old soldier they meet their match, and so does the eldest of the sisters when he claims her as his bride!
The Fairytale Tarot

All that Fire! Will it burn or illuminate, or maybe both?
Raven's Prophesy Tarot

And finally - holy cats! The threat to your cheese (and your rolled up contract) is real, and furry, and underfoot! Do you save the scroll and sacrifice the food, or guard the cheese and give up the paperwork?
The Cook's Tarot

In neighbourhood news

I subscribe to this author's newsletter. His mum is a friend of mine, and while he doesn't live in my neighbourhood (or province, or time zone), he did grow up in a town nearby.
If you scroll down past the picture of his wife hugging a rain barrel, past the New York Times mini-crossword (short & sweet, I recommend it) you'll get to a section labelled STORY.
In the story there's a cello teacher referred to only as Mr. W______. I'm reading away and realize that I know the mysterious Mr. W______! I taught all six of his kids! So you could say that I almost made it into the newsletter too, right???