Saturday, April 08, 2017

Testing, Testing: The Victorian Romantic Tarot

There is hope that Baba Studios is thinking about re-issuing this deck. Perhaps they've grown tired of listening to fans sobbing and begging and pleading. There's even a sign-up if you're interested link.

I am indeed one of the fortunate ones! In 2011 a kind friend bought me the original (2006, hard-to-find) deck and book set, (which never leaves the house!) and I also have the 2012 deck and mini. I haven't yet chosen the decks that will go to Readers Studio in New York at the end of this month, but I'm sorely tempted to take the mini Victorian Romantic. (But what if I drop a burger on it? What if I lose it? What if it falls in my wine? What if someone nicks it? What if...?)

Note: for this review, I'm using images from the 2012 deck.

At last, there's talk of you being re-issued, Victorian Romantic! How does it feel?
The World
I'm jumping for joy, as you might imagine! All 78 of us are thrilled at the thought of being once more tossed out into the world and put to use with a whole new group of friends. The tarot world is growing with each passing year, and we're excited about putting our whole Victorian World into your hands. 

Are you an accurate depiction of the art of the 19th century?
The High Priestess
Yes, even the boobs. We Victorians are strait-laced in many ways, but in our art we burst out of our corsets and are beautiful and free! Our designers, Karen and Alex, are crazy about research, so you can imagine the piles and stacks of old art books they bought, begged, and borrowed while making us a reality. (And don't forget - Queen Victoria, after whom our age is named, really enjoyed being in bed with her beloved Prince Albert. She even wrote about that in her journals.)

I don't care a whit about history. Are you a good reading deck? That's what I want to know!
Four of Wands
We want you to have a good time with us, so YES! We're full of stories and scenarios offering rich fodder for your imagination. And we're mostly Rider-Waite-Smith-based, for easy learning and adapting. Not to toot my own horn or bang my own drum, but...we rock!

Now we have a question for you, Teawoman!
Pick out one of your favourite cards and tell us why you like it, please.
OK! The Six of Cups
I love the artwork, the colours, the composition. Love the parents almost-but-not-quite in the picture, giving the kids freedom to interact under the radar. I love the idea (this is completely coloured by the news we're subjected to these days) that younger generations are learning about and accepting each other.

We're waiting for you, Victorian Romantic!