Sunday, March 26, 2017

Welcome, Spring! Welcome, new batch of decks!

Away with Winter's twenty-one decks!

Since last September 21st, I've worked with forty-four! unfamiliar decks, and my mind is tired of looking at so much new stuff. I have declared a brain holiday, and chosen a mere fifteen decks for this season. Eight of them are old friends, so it feels like a vacation!

This time last year (April, actually), I was in Prague, soaking up the city and the company of Karen and Alex's tour group, basking in the pampering at the House at the Big Boot, and loving our guides.
Not going again this year was a good decision, BUT seeing posts from the people making ready to experience that wonderfulness again makes me SO LONESOME for it all! On our tour last year we witnessed the arrival of the newly-redone Tarot of Prague, boxes of them hot off the presses, and just leafing through that deck launches so many memories. 
Where am I going with all this whiny nostalgia? Deck choices. The Tarot of Prague topped the list, and to make sure I felt surrounded by enough Prague-y-ness, I tossed in all six of Baba Studio's other decks for good measure. 

The first card of Spring? The Devil!
OK, Trump XV, what are your devilish suggestions for me this Spring season?

From the Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot:
Reread Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. And say 'hi' to Fluffy for me!

From the Tarot of Paris:
Take in some culture. Hit a museum or two.

From the Raven's Prophecy Tarot:
Speaking of culture, remember Joseph Campbell? He was a great guy. He wrote those books called
  The Masks of God. I bet they're a devilishly good read. 

From the Bohemian Gothic Tarot:
Don't try this at home. Visit your neighbourhood opium den. 

From the Alice Tarot:
Didn't your choir sing Jabberwocky, years ago? You weren't as good as these people - just sayin'...

From the Siamese Tarot:
I know you can't afford to visit Thailand, but watch that movie, Anna and the King.
It's the next best thing. Scenery and costumes are diabolically good.

Go dancing. You could use the exercise.

From the Cook's Tarot:
Ah, c'mon. One more piece of devil's food cake can't hurt.

I must fly, my dear. Others are in need of my flowery phrases and cheering thoughts.