Sunday, March 19, 2017

Trying not to be ego-driven

This is a tough one for me. Only now, in the autumn/winter of my life, am I beginning to sort of figure out how to not let ego and its irrational demands rule my psyche. 

Here's what I'm learning. (My Mimi's voice is coming in: "Too soon old, too late schmart." Mim was French-Canadian, so I have no idea why she pronounced "smart" in a Germanesque way. But she did.)

1. Ego thinks there's a finite amount of excellence to go around. If they've got it, you don't.

2. Ego is forever on the hunt for fresh meat and new conquests. It doesn't let you stop and smell the roses.

3. Ego is always elbowing you, psst, and pointing out that other person who does what you do, only better.

4. Ego likes you to think that catering to it makes you happy. But, except for teeny tiny slivers of time, it doesn't.

5. Ego carries around a supply of pins to burst your bubble.

This week's card is the King of Pentacles. He's risen to the top of the heap.

The stats from the twenty-one Kings of Pents on the table:
In 14 of them, he/she is all alone at the top, and not one of them is smiling. What is the point of all that climbing if you're going to be alone and not particularly happy?

Three are impressionist-y vague. I can't tell what they're thinking.

One has gone off into its own Midsummer Night's Dream world.

Only three!!!!! show a King looking reasonably content, or engaged in an activity that doesn't involve amassing wealth.

Here's what I know: a wound to the ego is never fatal!