Monday, February 13, 2017

Sherlock, the character and the deck

One of TABI's free-readers has been posting recently of her work with John Matthews' and Wil Kinghan's The Sherlock Holmes Tarot, and her work is so literarily beautiful and evocative that I'm all stirred up about this body of work that belongs to Sherlock. The 'canon', as she calls it. And about this deck, which I purchased when it first came out in 2014 but haven't used because I felt inadequately informed, Sherlock-wise.

A call to my local used-book store produced a GIGANTIC 2-volume set of the complete works about Sherlock with annotations and maps and pictures and what-not, more than I can ever absorb in five lifetimes. Must admit that I'm excited about delving into it, even if I'll never be an expert!

So this is not an article about or review of this deck - not yet. I haven't a clue (ha! unintended) about it, and am not about to insult it or massacre its meanings until I've better acquainted myself with Sherlock and his stories.

What I would like to do today is use this week's cards to offer their opinions on how I'll fare with the Sherlock Holmes Tarot.

Shuffling the Whimsical Tarot ... Seven of Cups... perfect!
So many literary destinations on offer, so many delicious stories and characters. Just where I am at the moment, poised at the taking-off point with Sherlock and John Watson. Each path and story has its own particular charm and appeal.

Here's a similar-looking design from the Minoan Tarot. Choose one of the paths, grab hold of the little suckers so you don't fall off, follow it through to the end. Then repeat, using a different leg!

'Yes, the task may appear daunting at first!' says the Universal Fantasy Tarot. 'No, the books you've purchased only seem to be this big.'

It's true, everything may initially seem a bit fuzzy. You'll find your focus. Margarete Petersen Tarot 

Just choose a story, start reading, and it will slowly become clear. The Elora Tarot

If the Lady of Shalott is too distracted by all the mirrors and illusions around her, she'll never weave any yarns across the warp threads of her tapestry, and she'll make no progress whatsoever. Chrysalis Tarot

One final piece of advice from the Haindl Tarot. Have no illusions about this. Success can only come from attempting, not merely dreaming about it.

And now, hailing a hansom cab to 221B Baker Street!