Sunday, January 15, 2017

Live your life while it's still your turn. With the Strength card lending a hand.

There are so many of these encouraging instructions floating around the internet on how to live your life fully. Of course there's the always-entertaining Maxine.

Here are my two favourites.

The sublime, from Mary Oliver.

 “Tell me, what is it you plan to do 
with your one wild and precious life?” 

Her choice of words, so breathtaking, so glorious and magical, makes me believe, if only for a moment, that I too might be magical and wild. It makes me want to copy it out with shimmery gold and purple and turquoise inks and stars and swirls onto crackly crinkly paper and line my living room walls with it. It makes me want to wear velvet capes for everyday. It makes me want to ride on an elephant through India and Africa and sway on a camel through the lands of Marco Polo. It makes me want to...
And then I fall back to reality, exhausted from trying to leap so impossibly high.

I fall back to what I, plain old me, with more of my life behind me than ahead, might actually be able to do with the time left to me. And it's to this much more mundane and practical quote, from where or whom I don't remember, that I gravitate.

"Live your life while it's still your turn."

I can do that! It bolsters me, but is not a burden. It energizes me, and I don't quail at its simple advice.

And which card should come along this week, to stride along with me as I live out my turn? The Strength card! I smiled when I saw it! For living life, my own, whatever that might turn out to be, does take Strength. OK, Life, here I come!

I made a list of what I'll need.
1) Help with fear. I'm emotionally a coward, and go to great ostrich-like lengths to avoid confronting difficult issues.
Yes, you will feel vulnerable and exposed at times. Not much choice. You can do it. 
Haindl Tarot

You won't always know where you're going, how to get there, or what you'll face. Comes with the territory.
Tarot of the Thousand and One Nights

What if whatever I'm afraid of needs my help? That's possible, isn't it?
Vikings Tarot

What if it/she/he is afraid of me? I hadn't thought of that.
Margarete Petersen Tarot

2) Help with thinking outside the box. These two Strength cards are way outside the standard RWS-based tarot box. Umm...
Life is a mix of flowers and thorns; you want one, you'll have to accept the other.
You need to have your roots firmly planted in the earth to stand tall and blossom.
If you drink too much, you won't be able to stand up straight and flourish. 
Think sunny thoughts and ideas will begin to sprout.
Bloom where you're planted.
Want to see one of these in the wild? Plan a trip.
Xultun Tarot

You don't know anything about Papa Legba? Some research may be required. Perhaps you need to learn something or lay something to rest before moving ahead on your next great adventure.
Chrysalis Tarot

3) Help with accepting and welcoming a balance of the ordinary and the magical.
The magical bits are not the problem. I hope there will be a few of these WOW! moments.
Modern Spellcaster's Tarot

Hm. Love the tulips. OK, Google... badger on the kitchen table...
Elora Tarot

That's it for today from Strength!